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To ensure your business is fully compliant with all Government and industry legislation and regulations, TAFE Enterprise offers customised training delivered by industry workplace health and safety expert trainers. TAFE Enterprise partners with industry and employers to develop customised training solutions, giving your team training that is purpose-fit to how your business operates.

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Risk and compliance training

Maintain the compliance rating of your business and ensure the safety of your team with TAFE Enterprise training across all areas of compliance, including:

First Aid

Put your employees' safety and wellbeing first and train your employees to know how to respond in an emergency situation and perform life-saving first aid.

WHS Essentials

Mitigate your exposure to lawsuits and/or fines by keeping your employees up-to-date with the latest Work Health and Safety regulations and Codes of Practice.

Mental Health

Prioritise mental health and wellbeing by training employees in how to spot and treat impending mental health issues, in themselves and others.

Health and Safety Representative

These courses are designed for employees looking to upskill or build a career in the Work Health and Safety area.

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Short Courses

Want Work, Health & Safety training for yourself?

Looking for Work, Health & Safety courses to advance your career, or add to your skills set? TAFE Enterprise offers a range of short courses perfect for giving you the skills and knowledge you need – faster. Taught by experienced industry experts, you’ll gain skills you can immediately apply in your career.

Short courses