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Customer Service Training Solutions

Put your customer first, by delivering excellence in customer service

Enterprise - Training Solutions - Customer Service

Ensure your customer service team has the skills and attitude to deliver outstanding customer service - every time. TAFE Enterprise offers customised training solutions designed to increase the quality of your customer service, adding immediate improvement in customer satisfaction.

TAFE Enterprise works with you to tailor customer service training for your team, which can be delivered in your workplace, at TAFE Enterprise training locations or online. Responding to emerging trends and technology in the service sector, TAFE Enterprise ensures that training is current and addresses the needs of your business for both today, and tomorrow.

Customer service training

TAFE Enterprise customer service training covers everything from basic service skills, to advanced selling technique. Our training covers effective communication, telephone skills, body language, conflict resolution and more, with training designed to give your team the confidence and ability to deliver exceptional customer service to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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