Student services - Study support

Study support

Help with learning

Sometimes you may need help with a particular subject or skill.

Perhaps maths isn't your strong point, or you find it hard to express ideas in writing for essays or exam answers. If you need help like this, we can offer you tutorials and other forms of learner support.

Learner support may help you with:

  • literacy
  • numeracy
  • English as a second language
  • maths
  • science
  • computing skills
  • communication skills

Depending on your needs, we offer learner support:

  • at drop-in centres
  • in small groups
  • with a team teacher
  • as one-to-one tuition
  • via the internet.

We can provide specialised support if you have a disability, or if English is not your first language.

Submit an online enquiry or call 131 601 to find out what study support services are available at your location.

Free 24/7 access to LinkedIn Learning for all enrolled students

LinkedIn Learning is an online library featuring course and instructional videos. The videos are taught by recognised industry experts and cover the latest in technology, creative, and business skills.

Access LinkedIn Learning under the My Learning area in the Student Portal.

Visit the LinkedIn Learning LibGuide for more information. If you need any help, please talk to your teacher, local librarian, or the customer service team.

ReadWrite - Intro

How Read&Write helps you with your studies and work

Read&Write allows you to complete your studies more confidently and more independently, anywhere, anytime, and on any device, on campus, off campus, online or offline.

You can use text to speech to help you to understand coursework materials and to progress through required readings and research much more quickly.

By using the grammar, dictionary, word prediction, and spelling features, Read&Write can help to improve the quality of your written work.

Then, as barriers to writing are broken down, it can increase the volume of work you are able to complete. You can even edit and check your work by listening to it.

Install Read&Write on your computer

If you wish to install the software on your own device, use the instructions in the links below.

For more help, contact the student support services at your nearest TAFE NSW.