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Which skills and expertise will we need in the future to power the nation’s emerging industries and be globally competitive? Where will our skills shortages be across key Australian industries? And how do we bridge this gap to lessen the impact on our economic growth?


Discover why Talent-First is important to Google Australia

Google understands that successful companies focus on their employees above all else. The challenges of the future will be met by companies who invest in human capital.

How ready is your business to meet the challenges of tomorrow?

Jason Pellegrino, MD of Google Australia, discusses the impact a Talent-First culture makes on Google's global success.

A Talent-First organisation thinks about the strength of the team

Olympic gold medalist Shannon Parry discusses how the Australian Women’s Rugby Sevens ensures they are skilled for success.

Talent-First leverages all skills, developing skills sets for the future

Nikki Horton of Netball NSW and Meaghan Davis of Lendlease discuss how their various organisations approach Talent-First.

Lendlease takes the lead as a Talent-First organisation

Lendlease realise that talent identification and development are paramount to the future success of any business.

Netball NSW achieves their goals with a Talent-First approach

The importance of coaching is obvious for world-class athletes – but how important is it for your staff?

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