DIAP - Introduction

TAFE NSW Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2020-2022

TAFE NSW is committed to creating a workplace and learning space where dignity, trust, respect, and the promotion of diversity and inclusion are valued. TAFE NSW has developed a Disability Inclusion Action Plan, which aims to:

  • Go beyond just the rights of people with disability and ensure a safe, respectful, and fair place of learning and work.
  • Remove barriers fostering an inclusive environment in which all people can achieve their full potential.
  • Ensure our learning platforms and online presence have embedded Universal Design for Learning and meet accessibility standards.

Download the TAFE NSW Disability Inclusion Action Plan 2020-2022


Be the change – Join the celebration of our Disability Inclusion Action Plan

We invite you to Be the change.

On Friday 3 December 2021, a day which celebrates International Day of People with a Disability TAFE NSW will join together from 11:00am – 12:00pm to celebrate the achievements of TAFE NSW Disability Inclusion Action Plan.

‘Be the change’ will increase awareness, inspire action and highlight the achievement of TAFE NSW’s DIAP, keynote address from Matt Levy OAM and Carly Findlay OAM as well inspiring stories from staff and students with a disability.

Connecting people with disability to education, training, and employment

At TAFE NSW, our teachers, Disability Teacher Consultants, and staff work together to support the needs of students living with disability by providing reasonable adjustments that enable and maximise participation. TAFE NSW aims to empower everyone along their educational and employment pathways. We achieve this by collaborating with stakeholders to create programs that align with the specific needs of people living with a disability.

Why does TAFE NSW have a Disability Inclusion Action Plan?

TAFE NSW is committed to providing a place of learning and work that embeds an everyday culture of inclusion across all TAFE NSW locations. The Plan demonstrates TAFE NSW's commitment to implementing meaningful actions that support students and staff with disability to reach their full potential and foster a more diverse workforce that reflects all people in our communities across NSW.

What's in the TAFE NSW Disability Inclusion Action Plan?

The Plan identifies the outcomes and actions that TAFE NSW will take over the next two years to further enhance an inclusive environment for people with disability. We've based the Plan on four focus areas developed by the NSW Department of Communities and Justice Services.

The focus areas include:

  • Developing positive community attitudes and behaviours
  • Creating liveable communities
  • Supporting access to meaningful employment
  • Improving access to mainstream services through better systems and processes

We regularly report progress against our Disability Inclusion Action Plan to the Disability Council of NSW.

If you have any questions, please contact diap@tafensw.edu.au.