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Supplier Resources - Transacting with TAFE NSW - Intro

Transacting with TAFE NSW

TAFE NSW has transformed the way that we transact with suppliers using technology underpinned by SAP Ariba. Our 'TAFE NSW Checkout' solution has many benefits including:

  • Electronic transmission of documentation between TAFE NSW and suppliers including Purchase Orders (POs), Invoices and Credit Memos
  • Opportunities to work with TAFE NSW by tendering using SAP Ariba Sourcing Events
  • Real time status updates of POs and payments are available on the Ariba Network
  • No fees or charges for transacting with TAFE NSW using SAP Ariba
  • Faster Processing and payment of invoices that are submitted electronically

Supplier Resources - Transacting with TAFE NSW - Supplier Registration

Supplier Registration

The Supplier Journey

TAFE NSW values local and diverse suppliers. To work with TAFE NSW suppliers must follow a registration process which is shown below:

Registering with TAFE NSW

TAFE NSW will register suppliers once there is a commitment to raise a purchase order. The TAFE Supplier Enablement Team will reach out to the supplier to guide them through the process of registering with TAFE NSW. It’s really easy and requires submission and verification of some business and contact details.

Becoming part of the Ariba Network

Suppliers are issued with a request to join the Ariba network once TAFE NSW has issued a purchase order.

When transacting with TAFE NSW on the Ariba Network you will be requested to register via an email as either a Standard Account holder or an Enterprise Account holder.

Standard Ariba Account

Standard account holders will be asked to register by following the steps that are included in the email that is issued with the first purchase order from TAFE.

The standard account enables suppliers to transact electronically with TAFE including transmitting purchase orders and submitting invoices.

This type of account is best suited for suppliers providing goods or services on an ad hoc basis.

Enterprise Ariba Account

Enterprise account holders will be asked to register through a 'Trading Relationship Request’ email. This email contains instructions on how to register and set up an enterprise account.

The enterprise account not only allows suppliers to transmit purchase orders and invoices electronically but also allows TAFE preferred suppliers to develop catalogues and issue invoices on contracts when agreements are in place.

For further assistance on your registration please visit our Resource Library.

Managing Account Details

If your business details change your records will need to be updated.

Suppliers will need to update their details on both:


Update your details with TAFE NSW by contacting the TAFE Finance Shared Services.

To update critical information such as your business name, ABN and/ or bank detail changes you will need to provide TAFE NSW with evidence to support your change, this includes.

  • Details of changes required on a signed company letterhead; and
  • A recent bank statement to validate the authenticity of your request.
SAP Ariba Network

Simply login to your Ariba network account and update your business details including key contacts and emails.

Supplier Resources - Transacting with TAFE NSW - Buying & Payments

Buying & Payments


TAFE NSW buys from suppliers using any of the below approved channels:

  • Corporate Purchasing Card (PCard)
  • Purchase Order (10 digits number i.e. 70000xxxx)
  • Contract Workspace (4 digit number i.e. CWxxxx)

A supplier should not perform services of provide goods to TAFE NSW until the TAFE employee confirms the buying channel and has received the PO or CW number.


TAFE NSW is committed to paying suppliers on time; there are two ways of receiving payment from TAFE NSW:

  • Corporate Purchasing Card (PCard)
  • Correctly Rendered Invoice submitted electronically via the Ariba Network

Invoices must be submitted electronically via the Ariba Network against your PO or CW.

  • Standard Account - You must convert the PO to an invoice using the original email you received.
  • Enterprise Account - You can invoice by logging into your Ariba Network Portal and selecting the PO you want to process and convert it to an invoice, complete a bulk upload, or select integration to progress for payment. For invoice on contract, suppliers are notified by email.
Tranacting with TAFE NSW

Non-compliant invoices will delay or prevent payment. If customer accounts are required, refer to TAFE NSW business details.

Credit Accounts

TAFE NSW staff are not permitted to open credit accounts with Suppliers, and requests will be declined.

Supplier Resources - Transacting with TAFE NSW - Tendering & Contracts

Tendering & Contracts

Tenders at TAFE NSW

AT TAFE NSW, all open and competitive tendering opportunities are published on the NSW Government eTendering platform. For limited tendering opportunities TAFE NSW engages suppliers using SAP Ariba Sourcing Events. Suppliers invited to participate in a TAFE NSW limited tender are issued an email containing information on registration and Terms to Participate which must be accepted.

If you are a Supplier that is already registered on the Ariba Network, you will still be required to access the tender information for the Sourcing Event through the link you receive. If you are a new to TAFE NSW and have been issued an invitation to participate you will need to follow the links in the invitation to ensure registration. If you don’t have access to your Ariba account, contact your Company’s account Administrator for assistance.

Contact SAP Supplier Support to resolve any issues you may experience with your Ariba account or accessing the TAFE NSW Sourcing Event.

GIPA Class 3

The GIPA Act 2009 requires disclosure of all contracts TAFE NSW enters into with the private sector valued at more than $150,000 (GST incl.). Details of these contracts are recorded in the register of Government contracts published on NSW eTendering.

Some contracts are Class 3 Contracts which require an increased level of disclosure. Any of our contracts classified as Class 3 Contracts are listed in the table below.

Title Description Details
One Print
Contract with Ricoh Australia Pty Ltd for Print and imaging services. Download
TN-ICT-18-1429 Contract with Telstra Corporation Ltd for Fixed Voice, Mobile, Fixed Data and Internet Services. Download
TN-ICT-18-1429A Contract with Telstra Corporation Ltd for Fixed Voice, Mobile, Fixed Data and Internet Services. Download
TN-ICT-19-2318 Contract with Tribal Group Pty Limited for software and software support services. Download