Counselling and Career Development v2

Getting in contact with us

We’re here to support you and have a range of tools and programs that can help you with your studies.

If you’ve already enrolled, or thinking about enrolling, call 131 601 (Option 5, then Option 2). Our administration team will be able to assist you in making an appointment with one of our Counsellors.

Get the help you need to succeed

The TAFE NSW Counselling and Career Development Service is free and confidential* and is designed to help you succeed in your studies at TAFE NSW, as well as in your chosen career.

Prospective TAFE NSW students are able to access the service to assist with course choice decisions and career planning.

Students enrolled with TAFE NSW are able to access a range of services to assist in career development and personal support.

Career counselling

TAFE NSW offers free counselling about education and careers to current and future students.

TAFE counsellors can help you to:

  • clarify your career goals;
  • find a course that meets your needs;
  • identify obstacles you may be facing – and help you to deal with them; and
  • develop skills to manage your career into the future.

Once you've enrolled, our counsellors can support you through your studies in a wide variety of ways, including help with:

  • course planning and study pathways;
  • educational difficulties;
  • study skills; and
  • developing skills to manage your career.

Staff will take the time to listen to your needs and work with you to come up with strategies to help you progress in your course.

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Personal support

The TAFE NSW Counselling and Career Development Service is available to help you get the most out of your studies.

We understand that personal matters can sometimes interfere with your ability to learn and complete assessments. Students can make appointments with TAFE Counsellors, where you can talk confidentially about all kinds of situations and know your privacy* will be respected, including personal matters including:

  • relationships;
  • stress, anxiety, depression and other concerns about your health and well being;
  • relationships and conflict management;
  • drug and alcohol problems;
  • problems with your accommodation;
  • harassment and complaints;
  • referral for financial assistance (e.g. Centrelink) and scholarship support; and
  • referral to other services (e.g. employment, legal, medical, accommodation and other financial services).

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How to seek help or assistance

Career and personal counselling services are usually provided in one-to-one sessions through face to face meetings, online & phone consultations.

Some campuses arrange enrolment information sessions and other group programs to assist students with career choice, study skills, exam techniques and stress management. Some campuses offer both day and evening services and have bilingual counsellors who can assist students in a number of other languages**.

To arrange an appointment with a Counsellor, phone our administration team on 131 601 (option 5, then option 2).

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*N.B. The TAFE NSW Counselling and Career Development Service is a free and confidential service. However, TAFE Counsellors are bound by legislative responsibility and need to provide information when requested to do so. This could apply to the following circumstances:

  • if your life is in danger or at serious risk of harm;
  • if someone else’s life is in danger or at serious risk of harm; and/or
  • if your counsellor is required, by law, to disclose information. For example: taking action to protect a child or young person from serious harm or responding to a court subpoena (request for copies of) relevant records.

** N.B. If you need to speak with a counsellor in your own language, please notify the administration team at the time of making your appointment. You may be able to be referred to another counsellor who speaks your preferred language.