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Children's Centres

A number of TAFE NSW locations have children's centres that can provide a safe and positive learning environment for your child, fostering their self-esteem by encouraging their creativity and valuing their work. Knowing that your child is learning and playing happily can leave you better able to concentrate on your studies and training.

All of our children's centres are fully licensed and accredited, and employ qualified staff. So if you have enrolled with TAFE NSW, and have a child who will require care whilst you study, you can apply for a place at one of our centres.

Applying for placement

If places are available, children can be enrolled as early as six weeks old up until they’re five years of age. Children can be enrolled to fit in with their parents' class timetables. Places are limited – so please apply as soon as you can once you have enrolled, or when you apply to study and then confirming your enrolment as soon as possible after. If you are enrolled at one of the locations listed, you can contact the children's centre to apply for a place for your child. Please see below for the children’s centre contact information.

Enquire at your local children's centre

Campus Location

Contact Number



02 9710 5852

St George

02 9598 6368

Western Sydney


02 9208 1880


02 9208 9226

Mt Druitt

02 9208 5673

Sth Western Sydney


02 9780 5673


02 9682 0389

Wetherill Park

02 9609 9201


02 9942 3049



02 4923 7253



02 4295 2269


02 4229 0627



02 6058 2853


02 6959 5417

Wagga Wagga

02 6938 1415

Other childcare options

Places in TAFE NSW children's centres are limited. However, there are some alternatives you can pursue. You can learn about other childcare services available to you by on the Australian Government's mychild website.

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