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Children's Centres

A number of TAFE NSW locations have children's centres that provide a safe, positive, and inclusive learning programme.

Our centres foster your child’s self-esteem by encouraging activities, based on their interests and development as individuals. TAFE NSW children’s centres achieve this by involving children in self-directed language, physical, social and emotional, creative, and expressive developmental experiences.

You can relax knowing that your child is learning and playing happily, allowing you to concentrate more easily on your studies and training.

TAFE NSW children’s centres are licensed to provide long day care for children aged from six weeks to under six years. TAFE NSW children’s centres are licensed under the Education and Care Services National Regulations..

At the campus level, each centre undergoes the full licensing process individually, with a separate licence being issued for each centre.

Applying for placement

If places are available, children can be admitted from as early as six weeks old, and right through, up until the age of five. Children are able to be cared for in conjunction with your study schedule.

Places are limited, so once you have enrolled in your TAFE NSW course (or have confirmed your enrolment) please apply to your campuses children’s centre, as soon as possible.

If you have already enrolled with TAFE NSW and have a child who requires care during your study, you can apply for a place at one of our centres, by filling out an application form and emailing it the centre of your choice.

Your local children's centre

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Campus Location





02 7921 6719


02 7921 6944

St George

02 9588 1975

Western Sydney


02 7921 6792


02 7921 6782

Mt Druitt

02 7921 6779

Sth Western Sydney


02 7921 6829


02 7921 6782

Wetherill Park

02 7921 6824



02 7921 6907



02 7921 6737


02 7921 1540



02 7921 6760


02 7921 6702

Wagga Wagga

02 7921 6725

Other childcare options

Places in TAFE NSW children's centres are limited. However, there are some alternatives you can pursue. To learn about other childcare services available to you, please visit the Australian Government Childcare Finder website.

TAFE NSW Children’s Centres Operation Manual

The TAFE NSW Children’s Centres Operation Manual (updated 3 August 2019) has been developed to comply with Commonwealth and State Government legislation, in relation to children’s services, early childhood education, child protection, licensing, funding, and accreditation.

It contains all policies and mandatory procedures relating to the operation of TAFE NSW children’s centres. In particular, the policies and procedures that comply with the Education and Care Services National Regulations, the current National Quality Framework for Early Childhood Education and Care, and the Commonwealth Child Care Support Program.