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Online Study Tips

At TAFE Digital, we want to see you succeed! Developing good online study habits will help you get all your work done on time, increase your motivation and reduce anxiety. You will also understand and remember things you have learnt more effectively.

Studying, submitting assessments on time and passing tests and exams are demanding activities and can be stressful. Learning how to study and complete assessments can make your enrolment with TAFE Digital more satisfying.

Online Study – Strategies for Success

Set goals
Set short term and long term goals. Recognise and celebrate when you achieve these goals and remind yourself why you decided to study in the first place.

Manage your time
Put all your assessment dates in your diary or calendar helps you to plan and prioritise tasks.  

Plan study at regular times each week
This helps to reduce the risk of a last minute panic. It is surprising how quickly you progress through your course if you study on a regular basis. For example, set aside 2 - 3 hours of study 3 times per week.   

Find a quiet place
Set up in a quiet place at home where you won’t be interrupted. Other options are the local library or the library at any TAFE NSW campus.

Managing stress
Look after yourself by eating and sleeping well, exercising regularly and taking time out from study for relaxation.

Top tips for online assessments

Read the assessment
Read your assessment carefully to ensure you understand exactly what you are required to do.

Clarify details
Clarify the details of all tasks before you begin and always check the assessment criteria. If you are still not sure what to do after reading the assessment, then check with your teacher.  

Active reading
Taking notes and writing down the key points may help you in completing assessments, saves time and makes revision quicker and simpler.

Searching for information

  • Search as many sources as possible including books, journals, online databases and reputable websites on the Internet
  • The Internet allows anybody to author and publish information so there is no quality control on this information. Websites managed by academic institutions and government bodies publish information that is generally considered to be trustworthy.

Assessment limits
Be aware of any limits on your assessment such as number of words, page length or time limits. Your assessment may be returned to you to do again if you do not follow these limits.  

Proofread your assessment
Always proofread your assessment before submitting it for marking.