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Switch your career direction or
make a fresh start with confidence

Life's too short to waste on a course that's not making your heart sing. Listen to your instincts, follow your passion and you’ll never go wrong. And with real-world courses, an employer focus and amazing support services, you can be confident your education and training helps you to reach your new career goals. Explore changing or re-starting your career with TAFE NSW.

There are career changes, and then there are REAL career changes. Mother of two, Naomi, swapped a psychology degree to strap on a tool belt and become a carpenter.

“The only time I had really felt happy walking away from a day at work, was when I’d worked with my brother building houses,” says Naomi.

Now in her second year at TAFE NSW studying Carpentry, Naomi appreciates the practical nature of her study and what she’s learning.

“I’m in a career I love and I have no regrets. I go home physically tired, but mentally I feel great.”


Nail a new career that you love

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The skills you need to change your career

Now is the time to re-train or refresh your skills. With TAFE NSW you can be confident you’re getting the most focused and relevant career training. BE in control with TAFE NSW.

Find your passion

From the perfect jab to the perfect job

When Nick turns his hand to something, he usually succeeds. After all, we’re talking about the man who was crowned the South Pacific Welterweight kickboxing champion, as well as award-winning butcher. Thanks to his studies at TAFE NSW, Nick can also add gold medalist at the WorldSkills National Competition in Heavy Vehicle Mechanics.

But why the change? “I reached a point where if I wanted more challenges in butchery, I’d need to manage or open my own business,” he says. “At that point in my life I didn’t want to do that.”

So he enrolled at TAFE NSW to study a Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology: “My teachers gave me a lot of extra information they gained from working in the industry. Things you might not otherwise pick up.”

Change gears

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Time for a re-think?

TAFE NSW Counsellors give career-change tips.

Follow your passion
Tell everyone you know about the work you want. Employers look for people with energy and ambition. There are 6 degrees of separation, and looking to move up in your career is not something you should keep quiet about. So many jobs are not advertised and opportunities are often through informal networks.
Take the opportunity
If you enrol in a TAFE NSW course, make sure you leverage it! Your teachers are all industry experts, many still work in the industry or are on boards. You’ll have the opportunity to attend industry events organised by your course and by external bodies such as professional associations.
It's your time
Life's too short to waste on a course that's not making your heart sing. Listen to your instincts, follow your passion and you’ll never go wrong.
Focus on the right course
Employers need to trust that a qualification was issued by a provider they trust, and that what you are bringing to your new career adds value for them. Sometimes a Certificate III is more valued and relevant than a degree. In other industries, an Advanced Diploma or Bachelor Degree is best.

Be advised

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Making the change online

Making the change online

How do you fit online study into an already-full schedule? TAFE NSW Counsellors give some tips.

Relax. This is a normal concern. Successful online study does require good time-management and organisation skills, and some computer skills and support. 

Double check. If you are unsure if you and your situation suits online study, the TAFE Digital website provides a checklist of what is recommended. Feel free to chat with a TAFE Digital Counsellor who specialise in providing support to online students.

Try a taster. Especially if you are looking to change careers, consider a short, free ‘Taster course’ at TAFE Digital. It can let you know if online study suits you. Once you’re enrolled you can be assured of more support from TAFE NSW staff.

Get virtual. There are virtual classrooms and connect sessions so that you can engage with teachers and other online students.

Take support. TAFE Digital students can get support from their teachers, as well as other TAFE NSW support services such as Counselling and Career Development Services, Disability Support Staff, Aboriginal Education Training Unit (AETU). Most services available at a TAFE NSW ‘campus’ are also available for online students.

Make your move