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Develop your career in a fast-changing world. Seek skills and be in control of your career. TAFE NSW is the largest education and training provider in Australia. You can be confident your qualification is widely recognised, focused on your career progression, and teaches skills for tomorrow.

Shaun has chopped, cut and forged a unique career as a hairdresser and wigmaker. Never one to sit still, he’s always learning to progress his career. He says TAFE NSW training gave him the confidence to create genre-bending hairstyles and turn rubbish into wearable art. Finalist in the AIPP Awards in the Avant-Garde Hairdresser of the Year category, Shaun's creativity and stylish creations are recognised and celebrated, both at home and internationally.

Be a cut above

It's all beautiful rubbish

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Plan your next career move

Whether you choose an employer-refined degree, an industry-focused diploma, or a degree-level micro-credential, you'll always BE IN DEMAND with a TAFE NSW education.

Develop your career

Career development from afar

As a scholar with the Poche Centre for Indigenous Health, Georgie completed a Certificate III in Dental Assisting. Meanwhile, she was also completing a Certificate IV in Dental Assisting (Oral Health Promotion) online with TAFE Digital.

Georgie says that working in the dental industry at the same time as studying was a benefit. It allowed her to apply what she was learning, put her knowledge to the test and refine it. She was always able to log onto the student system when it suited her lifestyle.

“I appreciate my time studying with TAFE Digital and would recommend online studying to anyone who has prior commitments that don’t allow them to study full-time,” she says.

There is no surprise then that she was honoured at the 2018 TAFE NSW Excellence Awards: Student of the Year and Equity and Youth Achievement Awards. She was described as a dedicated and hard-working student, and great role model for her family, friends and local community.

Be Ambitious

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The student becomes the teacher

(and entrepreneur and cult designer and …)

Kaylene Milner has enjoyed an exciting eight years since graduating from the Fashion Design Studio in 2011. She launched her namesake label and won the Fashion Future Scholarship to live and work in New York, where she gained experience at both Diane Von Furstenberg design studio and Fashion Snoops trend forecasting agency.

Upon returning to Australia in 2013, Kaylene joined the Fashion Design Studio as a design teacher, launched her cult knitwear brand, “WAH-WAH AUSTRALIA,” then won the 2017 Premier’s TAFE NSW scholarship. As such, she is perfectly placed to help her own students progress their careers in the industry.

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Be ready to move on up

TAFE NSW Counsellors look at ways to progress in your career

BE open
Stay open to new work experiences and learnings so when new opportunities show up or changes in technologies or industries occur, you feel more comfortable and prepared to respond to them and more equipped to set new goals.
Take the opportunity
Your teachers are all industry experts, many still work in the industry or are on boards. You'll have the opportunity to attend industry events organised by your course and by external bodies such as professional associations.
Don't be shy
Tell everyone you know! Employers look for people with energy and ambition, so don't hide it. Plus, many jobs are found through informal networks. Looking to move up in your career is not something you should keep quiet about.
BE focused
Make sure your course is linked to industry, and recognised by employers. There's no use studying an unfocused course that gives you no 'real' skills. You are the expert on your career, so focus on what you really need.

Be advised

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Making online study work for you

Career Progressor

How do you fit online study into an already-full schedule?

TAFE NSW Counsellors give some tips.

Online study requires time-management and good organisation, and some computer skills and support. The TAFE Digital website provides a checklist of what is recommended. Feel free to chat with a TAFE Digital Counsellor.

When you study with TAFE Digital you can be anywhere, except alone. You can get support from teachers, as well as other TAFE NSW services such as Counselling and Career Development Services, Disability Support Staff and the Aboriginal Education Training Unit (AETU). Most services available at a TAFE NSW ‘campus’ are also available for online students.

You may even be able to do a short, free ‘Taster’ course at TAFE Digital to see if online study suits you.

Once you’re enrolled, there is ongoing support. There are even virtual classrooms and connect sessions so that you can engage with teachers and other online students.