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1 Year


This course will provide training in permaculture for those who are working as project managers on permaculture community development projects, and those seeking to become permaculture systems designers and/or consultants.

No licensing, legislative or certification requirements apply to this qualification at the time of publication.


Employment as a project manager or consultant across permaculture, agriculture, horticulture or conservation and land management industries.


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  • Prerequisite: Certificate IV in Permaculture (AHC42116)
  • Academic IELTS 5.5 or TOEFL (iBT) 46 or TAFE NSW General English Program

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    LocationsStarting DatesCourse Fees
    National Environment Centre Feb A$13,750


    LocationsStarting DatesCourse Fees
    National Environment Centre Feb A$13,750


    Additional costs for uniforms, equipment, textbooks and materials (if applicable) range from A$300 - $1,000 per course.


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    To receive this course students must complete all core units and, if available, a range of additional units.

    Note: Additional units contain compulsory and elective units which may vary between each semester and campus, and will depend on a number of considerations including the packaging rules for the qualification and demand for the unit.

    • Packaging Rules - To achieve this qualification competency must be demonstrated in:12 units of competency:
    • 5 core units plus 7 elective units
    • Elective units must ensure the integrity of the qualifications Australian Qualification Framework (AQF) alignment and contribute to a valid industry supported vocational outcome. The electives are chosen as follows:
    • Select 4 units from Group A, Select 1 unit from Group A or B
    • 2 units may be selected from Group B or from this or any other endorsed Training Package or Accredited Course
    • Selected units must be relevant to job outcomes in Permaculture and must be chosen to ensure the integrity of the qualification outcome at AQF level 5.
    • Core Units
    • AHCPER401 Provide advice on permaculture principles and practices
    • AHCPER502 Design an integrated permaculture system
    • AHCPER503 Develop a strategic plan for a permaculture project or enterprise
    • AHCPER504 Manage a permaculture project or enterprise
    • AHCPER507 Research and interpret requirements for a permaculture project
    • AHCORG402 Manage organic livestock production
    • AHCORG403 Manage organic soil improvement
    • AHCPER413 Evaluate suitability of species as solutions for permaculture applications
    • AHCPER501 Carry out permaculture field research
    • AHCPER505 Plan and supervise the implementation of permaculture project works
    • AHCPER506 Develop a relocalisation or transition project
    • AHCPER508 Manage a permaculture aid and development project
    • AHCPER509 Design permaculture structures and features
    • AHCPER510 Prepare a sustainable community and bioregional development strategy
    • AHCPER511 Facilitate participatory planning and learning activities
    • AHCPER512 Plan community governance and decision making processes
    • AHCAGB518 Develop climate risk management strategies
    • AHCBUS513 Market products and services
    • AHCBUS514 Negotiate and monitor contracts
    • AHCBUS516 Develop and review a business plan
    • AHCCCF501 Evaluate project submissions
    • AHCCCF506 Manage the incorporation of a group
    • AHCILM506 Operate within community cultures and goals
    • AHCNAR501 Manage natural areas on a rural property
    • AHCORG507 Develop an organic and biodynamic management plan
    • AHCORG508 Prepare the enterprise for organic and biodynamic certification
    • AHCSAW502 Plan erosion and sediment control measures
    • AHCWRK509 Provide specialist advice to clients
    • AHCWRK511 Develop workplace policies and procedures for sustainability
    • CHCCDE012 Work within organisation and government structures to enable community development outcomes
    • CHCVOL003 Recruit, induct and support volunteers


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