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null International - Testimonial - Eunah Kyung

Eunah Kyung

I find myself well-prepared and informed, confident and capable. I highly recommend taking courses at TAFE NSW to people like me, who want to start a new career or a dream job at the right place.

  • Course: Diploma of Hospitality Management
  • Campus: Hamilton
  • Nationality: South Korean

Tell us about your course/s

I completed Diploma of Hospitality Management last year. It enables students to obtain core skills and knowledge in the Hospitality Industry, and to experience and work as a food and beverage attendant or a manager for the vibrant field on and off campus, helping manage the operations of a restaurant or a cafe, and also lead a team so as to run a successful business.

I am taking Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery this year. It provides a variety of skills and training in kitchen management, enabling students, who want to build their career as a qualified cook or a chef in the fast-paced kitchen environment, to produce quality food and to organise menus and serve them to a professional standard.

Study with TAFE NSW

Before deciding to enrol at TAFE NSW… I learned that TAFE NSW is administered by Australian Government and offers a diversity of courses and English programs to international students, holding great facilities and capable teachers. I sought detailed information on my courses at TAFE NSW by consulting with a Korean agency.

The student experience

I have been taking a 2-year package program on Hamilton Campus. I have found that all staff and teachers are very warm, kind, supportive and approachable. They are willing to help me at any time and encourage me to reach my potential when I learn new skills in class. What attracts me most is that I can make the most use of practical techniques and theories that I learn and study in class, into the field straight away. That is because Hamilton TAFE NSW runs its own restaurant and cafe for students and customers.

An international perspective

TAFE NSW offers a number of programs, events and scholarships not only to local students but also to international students. What impresses me most is tutorial support, which helps international students get on the right track during the semester. Generally speaking, most staff and teachers are very friendly, kind, open, well experienced and professional. They are willing to help me and listen to me carefully. I feel comfortable and cheerful around them.

Study with the best

At the beginning of each lesson, teachers firstly explain and demonstrate what we need to produce and serve, then we finish our own and present them to the teacher. Every student receives teachers’ feedback right away. Commercial Cookery teachers are all patient, professional and always encourage us to do better and more so that we can meet its standards and requirements as a chef to be.

In terms of Hospitality Management, all core and elective units that I took were so necessary and fundamental for me to learn and experience the Australian Hospitality Industry. A number of industry visits, such as a winery visit, a few of resorts and hotels visits, hospitality fair were so helpful to see, hear and experience from experts. The mock interview with teachers also had a great impact on me. It really helped me take an interview to get a job later. One of merits that this course offers is a mentor system. Each student has a mentor to see once a week. Mentors, who are teachers of Hospitality Management, support and advise their students on the course. Students can discuss anything relating to their study with them anytime. This support played as a major role in improving and developing my skills and flairs during the course. Online assessments made me study hard and a couple of presentation as a chairman and a coach in front of my fellow students helped me gain confidence and boldness.

Be job ready

I did not know about TAFE NSW’s high reputation with employers before. Now, I agree to it. That is because I have seen a majority of my fellow students employed while taking courses at TAFE and I am one of them.

The qualifications I have obtained and will gain this year at TAFE NSW have opened the door for a new career that I longed to build. My volunteering and work experience in the Hospitality Industry here in Australia have broadened my horizons. My courses both Hospitality Management and Commercial Cookery offers a number of advantages to not only students but also customers, as Hamilton Campus runs its own café and restaurant on the campus. We learn and practice skills and knowledge in class, then make the most use of them by participating in the restaurant and cafe shifts. Furthermore, our customers have the benefit of affordably enjoying quality foods, 3- course meals that we create and produce.

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