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Naomi White

Naomi nails a career in carpentry

“It’s unexpected that I’m a builder. People can doubt you if they haven’t seen what you can do,”

Naomi White

TAFE NSW Nowra student and mother of two, Naomi White, swapped a psychology degree to strap on a tool belt and become a carpenter.

“The only time I had really felt happy walking away from a day at work, was when I’d worked with my brother building houses,” said Naomi.

Now in her second year at TAFE NSW Nowra studying a Certificate III in Carpentry, Naomi appreciates the practical nature of her study and what she’s learning. "I enjoy taking the skills I learn at TAFE NSW and applying them to what I’m doing at work on the job site," she said. "I go home physically tired, but mentally I feel great. I’m in a career I love and I have no regrets."

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Frequently Asked Questions

A carpenter is a skilled and qualified tradesperson who uses their expertise to build, install, repair and erect timber and steel frames, foundations, walls and fixtures on residential, commercial and industrial projects.

Carpenters usually work with timber or engineered wood and often use their trade, along with further study, to become licensed builders.

When you study carpentry, or carpentry and joinery at TAFE NSW you will learn to use your attention to detail and problem solving skills to work on new innovative projects and create work that lasts longer than a lifetime.

At TAFE NSW, you can build your carpentry skills and start your trade career with the Certificate III in Carpentry.

For those who are interested in a career in carpentry and joinery, we also offer the Certificate III Carpentry and Joinery.

Prefer to work in a specialist trade? Consider a Certificate III in Cabinet Making or the Certificate III in Shopfitting to become skilled in highly sought-after industries.

Once you graduate from the Certificate III courses, you can reach your goal of being a licensed builder with the Certificate IV in Building (Building and Construction).

In the Certificate III in Carpentry, you’ll learn how to interpret plans and specifications, install flooring systems, construct wall and ceiling frames, erect roof trusses and hang doors. You will also learn how to liaise with clients and colleagues, work on a building site and create a safe working environment for you and your team.

Learn your trade from our experienced TAFE NSW teachers, who will prepare you with both the theory and practical skills required for a successful carpentry career. The skills you learn are also transferrable across all areas of the building and construction industry.

Graduates of the Certificate III in Carpentry become trade qualified carpenters.

By studying the Certificate III in Carpentry and Joinery, graduates become carpenters and joiners.

To start your career in carpentry you will need to study the Certificate III in Carpentry.

This is the recognised apprenticeship qualification accepted by the carpentry industry. To enrol in this course, you’ll need to be an apprentice or, if mature aged, working in industry. This will ensure you have access to a work environment where you can nail your carpentry skills.

Carpentry is an essential part of the construction industry and people with carpentry skills are always in-demand.

The carpentry, and carpentry and joinery, industry is booming in Australia, with an expected 15,040 job openings to 2025 and many opportunities to grow your career and business.

There’s no better time to build a career you can be proud of in this skills shortage area.

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What job opportunities could a carpentry or joinery course lead to?

Whether you're just starting out in your carpentry career or you're looking to enhance your current experience with additional qualifications, TAFE NSW offers a wide variety of courses at a number of levels to suit you.

Carpenters require various skills from basic math, problem solving abilities, mechanical knowledge and physical strength.

Studying a TAFE NSW Carpentry, Joinery and Furniture Course provides students with hands-on and theoretical course work across a variety of disciplines, learning to work from plans and specifications to fabrication and installation.

From designing and building furniture to fitting out commercial property, our accredited course areas teach students a wide range woodwork and carpentry skills which can lead to a number of job opportunities and types of carpenter careers.

Qualifications in carpentry, joinery and furniture can lead to a job as a:

  • Commercial, industrial, or residential carpenter
  • Restoration or preservation carpenter
  • Furniture joiner
  • Cabinetmaker
  • Formworker

Carpentry skills are currently in high demand in Australia. Broaden your horizons, and enquire with TAFE NSW today.