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Policies and Procedures


TAFE NSW welcomes high-quality research that supports our strategic directions. We welcome applications to conduct research in TAFE NSW from researchers external to TAFE NSW or by TAFE NSW employees. The guidelines for evaluating and approving research will assist you to complete your application to conduct research in TAFE NSW. All research begins with an approved research application.

Policies and Procedures to Support Your Time at TAFE NSW

There are a number of important policies and procedures relevant to all aspects of your engagement with TAFE NSW. You can also get help with any questions that you may have through Student Services at your local campus.

Higher Education Policies and Procedures

There are specific policies and procedures relevant to the TAFE NSW Higher Education courses.

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TAFE NSW Pesticide notification plans

TAFE NSW has developed Pesticide Use Notification Plans for each of its regions. These Plans describes how we will notify staff, students and the public when pesticides are used on the grounds of TAFE NSW sites throughout NSW.

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Review of Environmental Factors reports

A Review of Environmental Factors (REF) is an assessment used to determine the impacts of an activity undertaken by a public authority. It examines the potential impacts of the activity on the environment and aims to minimise those impacts.

TAFE NSW prepares REF assessments in accordance with Part 5 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act (1979).

Environmental Planning Regulations require environmental assessment documentation to be publicly available for projects that:

  • Have a Capital Investment Value greater than $5 million.
  • Require certain permits, including permits from the Department of Primary Industries (Fisheries), Heritage NSW, National Parks and Wildlife Service and/or Environmental Protection Authority.
  • Are considered in the community interest.

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