Dental Industry

Good dental health and hygiene are direct indicators of overall health, and can also boost people’s confidence and wellbeing. Work in a secure growth industry where you can deliver expert advice to support people of all ages to maintain good dental health and a winning smile.

First Aid

First aid knowledge and skills could be the difference between life and death for a workmate, family member, a stranger on the street, or even yourself. Whether you need it for you workplace, your club or in another setting – or would just like peace of mind – TAFE NSW offers the most current first aid qualifications to help you save lives.

Healthcare, Audiometry and Optical

Nurture your desire to help others and make a positive impact every day in the rapidly evolving world of HEALTHCARE, AUDIOMETRY and OPTICAL. TAFE NSW can provide you with a wide range of clinical, technical and administrative healthcare skills for careers in this diverse and growing sector.

Laboratory Science

If you have an enquiring mind and thrive on details, a TAFE NSW course is your nationally recognised key to the amazing blend of science and problem-solving that careers in Laboratory Science offer. Be connected to fascinating work in research laboratories and test centres, and graduate with work-ready skills and the most up to date knowledge of laboratory techniques, data interpretation, fieldwork and reporting. You could be qualified for technician or analyst roles across a range of industries, including biotechnology and forensics.


A career in nursing can truly make a difference to the lives of people and communities. As the health sector expands, Nursing is becoming increasingly complex and important. TAFE NSW maintain up-to-date and expert training for roles related to nurse careers including Enrolled Nurse. If you have a positive outlook, patience and a desire to care for others, graduate with a TAFE NSW qualification and make a real difference.


The Nutrition sector continues to grow as people become more aware of the impact of diet and lifestyle on wellbeing and health. An ever-evolving combination of disciplines – which include biology, chemistry and psychology – makes Nutrition careers unique and fascinating. If you are passionate about supporting healthy eating with motivational and scientific advice, boost your career with a Nutrition qualification designed in partnership with employers and delivered by TAFE NSW.

Sports, Fitness and Outdoor Recreation

Our qualifications in Sport, Fitness and Outdoor Recreation can help you inspire others to achieve their recreational and fitness goals. Understand how the industry works, share the latest health insights and enjoy engaging people in a variety of activities. When you study at TAFE NSW you will have the opportunity to get hands-on in our simulated or real-world facilities, which means you’ll always be ahead of the pack no matter what your career stage.