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If you’d like to make a difference through public service, TAFE NSW is the smart choice. We are Australia’s largest vocational training provider with courses starting at a level to suit you, across a variety of community and public service disciplines.

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Supporting Student Success

The knowledge, practical skills and confidence I developed while studying at TAFE NSW have shown me it’s never too late to take a different career path, and to improve your skills in a new area,


Katayoon says she has a life she couldn’t have imagined when she first arrived in Australia, thanks to TAFE NSW. A Software Engineer in Iran, Katayoon came to Australia in 2006 with her husband, six months pregnant with her twin daughters and speaking English as a second language.

It was while volunteering at a local neighbourhood centre that Katayoon realised she enjoyed working with people more than machines and computers. It was a lightbulb moment.

She enrolled in an Introductory Community Services ‘taster’ course and has continued her learning journey, graduating from a Diploma of Community Services in 2017. Recently named the winner of the prestigious Vocational Student of the Year at the 2018 NSW Training Awards – Central Coast for her outstanding achievements, Katayoon is now working as Multi-Cultural Social Support Services Coordinator and Community Visitors Scheme Coordinator Community Services

Are you a current carer looking to upskill? Find out how you can get ahead with TAFE NSW.

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Careers in Community Services, Aged Care, Early Childhood

Early Childhood Education and Care Courses

Early Childhood Education and Care courses allows students expand on their teaching skills and teach how to operate within the requirements of the Education and Care Services National Regulations and the National Quality Standard.

View our Early Childhood Education and Care courses

Community Services Courses

When you study a Community Services course at TAFE NSW. You will learn the very best techniques and practical skills to deal with day-to-day situations that could arise on the job, preparing you for a great career in a growing industry.

View our Community Services courses

Aged Care Courses

Aged Care courses offer students the chance to focus on their passion and help progress their careers in the care sector.

View our Aged Care courses

Government Courses

Create a positive impact in your community. Working in government can be challenging, exciting and rewarding, allowing you to demonstrate leadership, guidance, administrative and planning skills to improve your local region.

View our Government courses

Disability Sector Courses

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is here. TAFE NSW offers Disability Sector courses and the qualifications to ensure you can deliver individual-focused support and assistance.

View our Disability Sector courses

Nursing Courses

A career in nursing can truly make a difference to the lives of people and communities.

View our Nursing courses

Translation, Interpreting and Language Courses

TAFE NSW courses in translation, interpreting and languages will enhance your linguistic ability and provide you with skills to open dialogue and build understanding.

View our Translation, Interpreting and Languages

Public Safety and Emergency Management Courses

TAFE NSW offers a range of Public safety and emergency courses suitable for both experienced professionals and those new to the industry. Find work in firefighting and emergency management, where your knowledge and skills could make all the difference.

View our Public Safety and Emergency Management Courses