Electronics and Electrotechnology

The digital age is creating an unprecedented demand for electricians specialising in telecommunications, instrumentation, security and electronic control systems, and information technology. Electrical trades and electronics affect almost every aspect of daily life. Studying at TAFE NSW means you’ll always work closely with technology to maintain, repair and create custom solutions. You can even connect your studies to a degree at a university, or study the TAFE NSW Associate Degree Applied Engineering (Renewable Energy Technologies).


If you enjoy creative solutions, solving problems and working with machines and technology, then engineering and mechanical engineering could be for you. With robotics and other mechanical technologies developing with the digital age, now is time to get upskilled for the future. Opportunities are opening up across almost all industries, from healthcare to construction. Build your career while helping to build a sustainable future.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

The heating, ventilating, air-conditioning and refrigeration industry (HVCA&R) is growing, driven by population growth, globalisation, consumer trends and climate change. Air-conditioning and refrigeration professionals cover both electrical and mechanical areas, so careers are unique and varied. And with strong wages, interesting work and plenty of opportunity to build a long-term career, it’s never been a better time to get into an HVCA&R career.