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6 simple tips to style your life

From Elle Magazine in NYC to the Reuse movement, Natalie Coulter might even be able to help you.

6 simple tips to style your life

Her passion was sparked in childhood thanks to impromptu vignette sessions with her grandmother, but now we ask TAFE NSW Design Centre Enmore teacher Natalie, to share her best style advice. 

1. Work with what you've got

You'd be surprised how many potentially eclectic style props you're surrounded by without even noticing. Those old family heirlooms or old wares you have stored up in the garage could look amazing paired with contemporary pieces.

2. Winning combinations

I love to up-cycle, my best inspiration comes from artists who can create something beautiful from what would otherwise be churned into landfill. Opposites attract in the style world, old with new, textured with smooth, dark with light. Get creative.

3. Take risks

Playing it safe is boring. Express yourself! I've thrown myself into the Reuse movement. More recently I've dabbled in the wabi-sabi style, a celebration of beauty within imperfection. This is my next course of study and will take to Japan and China to research the purity of this design aesthetic.

4. Creativity on tap

Every project should start with one part magic, one organisation. A stylist's work always has aspects of chaos and surprise but planning well and closely tracking your project will help you to avoid any disasters. Some projects don't look as marvellous as you envisioned but with great planning you will have the time to edit and refine your work.

5. We all have style

Style is such a personal expression. Most people just don't know where to start to process, engage and put their creativity and style into anything tangible. The eyes can be taught how to develop a technique and the mind will remember. Then it's just a matter of experimentation and practice.

6. Be your own trend compass

All stylists curate their inspiration from the world around them but to develop your own, unique style you need to look within. Technique is the ultimate foundation for your artistic expression. There are design rules and principles for visual presentation. But once the technical foundation has been established, follow your own style and forget the ‘trends'.

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