A Vivid outlook

I like spray painting large street murals and portraits. I'm also happy to do artistic commissions.

Think back to your 16-year-old self. Did you know what you wanted to do with your life back then? Did you even have an inkling?

Not many people do. But there are always the exceptions. Some people have more than just an inkling – not only do they have a vision for their future, but they're also very talented in their respective areas.

Sydney's Bradfield Senior College is harbouring more than its fair share of these creative prodigies. Since the College is a senior high school that specialises in the creative industries and also shares a Campus with TAFE NSW's Northern Sydney Institute, the College's creative output could almost said to be a given.

Bradfield was the first senior high school of its kind to make it possible for students to study for their HSC as well as a TAFE Certificate while simultaneously being introduced to the creative workforce through Work Studies and Industry Training. The College is unique for another reason – the overwhelming sentiment the overwhelming sentiment from students is that the teachers are "on the same level", "aren't patronising" and are genuinely interested in seeing students achieve their career and HSC goals.

Students who have come from a difficult background, that may have struggled in the public school system in most cases, coming to Bradfield turns things around for them. These kids are now pursuing the vision for their collective future and acting on it. And they're not even out of high school!

As part of the Vivid festival, the students are showcasing some of their skills, arts and crafts at the Creative Careers Day. We touched base with some of them to pick their brains about what makes their creativity tick at such a ripe age.

Kate van Laarhoven, Year 11


Kate came to Bradfield because she was looking for an environment where she could freely express her own ideas in a form that best suited her. "I hope to get a job in video game design and development. Additionally, I'd like to continue my work as a freelance artist."

You can find Kate at the Vivid Creative Careers Day hosting a market stall selling her cards, tie dyed tote bags and hand dyed apparel.

Sophie Chuquimia-Borrelli, Year 11

Sophie 3

Sophie came to Bradfield because she was really struggling at her old school with anxiety issues. "I learned about Bradfield through a family friend and I thought I would give it a shot as a sort of last resort." She said. "Bradfield is the best place I could have ever gone for me and my creative interest."

At Vivid, Sophie will be selling small original prints and possibly some t-shirts as well. She loves the idea of Bradfield holding the arts and design market at Vivid and hosting the Creative Careers Day. "It really opens up a whole new world for people like me who are interested in a career in creative arts. A lot of people might not even think to go to a talk like the ones that are being offered in Bradfield and some people might not be able to afford to go to one.

You can find Sophie at the Vivid Creative Careers Day hosting a market stall selling small original prints of bats and hopefully some T-shirts!

Caitlin Griffiths, Year 12


Caitlin came to Bradfield because of the promise of a mature environment and a focus on creativity. "By the end of year 10, I was feeling quite lost in myself," she said. "I knew I wanted to express myself creatively but struggled to do so, and I felt ill-equipped in terms of mentors."

At Bradfield she's been able to study almost entirely design and visual arts subjects, discovering a newfound passion for design and photography. "My teachers have fostered my creativity and worked so hard to help me understand and express myself creatively," she said. "It can be difficult at times, being a creative person, and I feel as though a constant feeling of doubt in oneself and one's work comes with the territory."

At the Art and Design market you can find Caitlin selling wooden laser-cut jewellery. "I've worked really hard to design a range of quirky and cute necklaces, earrings and brooches, and I'm very excited about selling them."

You can find Caitlin at the Vivid Creative Careers Day hosting a market stall selling wooden laser cut jewellery.

Vincent Bunyip, Year 12


Vincent came to Bradfield because he simply didn't like his previous school. He enjoys the range of artistic subjects at Bradfield. "I want to be a better versio of myself in five years-time," he said. "I like spray painting large street murals and portraits. I'm also happy to do artistic commissions."

At the Art and Design market Vincent will be selling t-shirts and small canvasses. He's also been busy putting his mark, literally, on the Bradfield Campus. This is in the form of a large portrait of Sir John Bradfield, the College's namesake, which will be displayed on a wall of one of the Campus buildings.

You can find Vincent at the Vivid Creative Careers Day hosting a market stall selling t-shirts and small canvasses.

Looking to launch your own creative career? Head down to the Vivid Creative Careers Day, 4 June 9am – 6pm Bradfield Senior College, 213 Pacific Hwy, St Leonards NSW 2065