Add a dollop of 'ekagrata' for success

The success of these chefs is due to dedication, hard work and continual striving to do their absolute best

Have you ever wondered why chefs are sometimes fussy, pedantic and over-the-top? And why they are so often seen to be controlling? It's because any chef worth their weight is passionate about the food they cook. They want perfection and nothing else will do! This passion will translate into creativity beyond expectations. Everyone will want to be part of the journey.

Look at the famed chefs both in Australia and overseas: Neil Perry, Stefano Manfredi, Justin North, Serge Dansereau, Tetsuya, Michael Moore, Marco Pierre White, Charlie Trotter... How have they achieved their success in such a challenging and rigorous business?

Among all the skills, training (both formal and non-formal) and the hours of dedicated slog, it's their passion for food that has kept them at the top - in the Good Food guides, in the daily newspaper reviews and has provided them with Michelin stars year after year. Passion, dedication and a one-pointed focus to succeed.

This one-pointedness (known as ekāgratā in Sanskrit) is rooted in the traditions of meditation and mindfulness. It's a concept shared by successful people on any professional level. The success of these chefs (and others that we never hear about) is due to dedication, hard work and continual striving to do their absolute best within any restrictions. Successful people work, play and surround themselves with those who are like-minded. So this positive atmosphere is shared: positive energy is self-generating.

So, what's the lesson? With a passion for food, dedication to the skills required to be a great chef and plain hard work you, too, will be successful. Everything is possible with passion… and a big dollop of ekāgratā!