And the award goes to...

Our film and TV training studios are among the largest and best-equipped in the state

There are lots of buzzwords, names and phrases trending around the 86th Academy Awards ceremony – Best Picture, Cate Blanchett, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Ellen, The Wizard of Oz

If nothing else, the ongoing popularity of this high profile annual awards ceremony indicates the ongoing fascination and appeal that the world of moviemaking continues to hold for many of us. Indeed, many people often consider the possibility of a career in the film and TV industry, no doubt inspired by the seductive idea of celluloid immortality, not to mention global fame and celebrity.

But what happens in front of a camera, and what we see on the screen is only one part of the entire movie-making process. Much of it happens behind the camera and behind the scenes. And these days, with the burgeoning use of digital media and computer-generated imagery (CGI), there are more career pathways than ever into this glittering Emerald City of dreams.

The Northern Sydney Institute has its own glittering Emerald City of dreams, located in the leafy surrounds of our St Leonards Campus. Our film and TV training studios are among the largest and best-equipped in the state, and include digital widescreen multi-camera studios with the latest professional equipment, non-linear editing suites and a sound recording studio.

So if the film and TV industry intrigues you, but you're not interested in being the next Brad Pitt or Cate Blanchett, there's loads of career options constantly opening up for film and technology buffs.

For instance, have you heard of an asset management operator? This role is responsible for ensuring that program content and commercials are broadcast.

Perhaps you've thought about being a data wrangler. This is the person who makes sure that what gets recorded on camera makes it back to the editor without any loss or corruption of data.

Or you may have great organisational and interpersonal skills which would make you an ideal second assistant director. As the first assistant director's right hand, it's your responsibility to make sure that cast make it to set on time.

Going further, have you ever wondered who the lighting cameraman was on a production? Or who was the sound engineer? And what these roles actually involve?

The Northern Sydney Institute offers a range of qualifications that will provide you with the right skills for film and television production. Our regular consultation with industry means that what you learn is aligned to what they need. Our graduates are work-ready and highly regarded by employers in film and television.

Next time you're watching a movie or TV show, take the time to read the credits and you may be inspired to take on a role behind the camera.