Barbeque like a boss

Want to be the tong-master at your next barbecue?

Barbeque like a boss

If you’ve ever wanted to master the BBQ but are daunted at the thought of searing meat or scorching steaks, then here are a few tips to make sure your next BBQ is really well done!


One of the best methods when cooking a steak is the Reverse Sear Method.

First, cut an approximately 2 inch thick scotch fillet steak, then season it on all sides with some fresh cracked black pepper, kosher salt and a pinch of brown sugar. Pop it in the smoker (pre-heated to around 135C).

While the steak is warming up and soaking up some beautiful wood smoke, we’ll get the grill ready. Using the digital thermometer, simply remove the steak from the smoker when the centre of the meat reaches 49C. If you like, you can add a quick, second layer of seasoning mix in between moving the steak from the smoker to the grill with your favourite flavour booster or all-purpose seasoning mix.

Place the steak on the searing hot grill and constantly flip the steak for a few minutes, or until the internal temperature of the meat reaches 63C for a beautiful medium rare to medium finish.

Serve straight away.

Low N Slow

Low N Slow barbecue simply means cooking meat in a smoker or grill at low temperatures for long periods of time. This method is great for those large, otherwise tough and or fatty cuts of meat that need gentle cooking to break down that muscle and fat to ensure a soft and juicy finish.

BBQ’s & Fuels

There are a number of smokers and grills available on the market these days. Knowing where to start can be a bit daunting. There are a handful of BBQ’s that won’t break the bank but also prove very easy to set up, store and, of course, provide great results.

When it comes to fuel, the smaller the BBQ, the smaller the fuel size. Most small to medium sized BBQ’s and Smokers use a charcoal briquet or pieces of lump charcoal. Larger smokers may use hardwood logs such as Ironbark, Red Gum or Black Wattle. A great tip is to always use an all-natural wood: never anything with an oily sap or any wood that isn’t already identified as a food-safe cooking fuel.

Getting Started

Getting acquainted with which BBQ’s to use, which fuels go with what smoker or what cuts of meat to use with which cooking method can be a learning experience and journey on its own. The TAFE NSW Barbecue Pitmastery Masterclass gives you a great base-level understanding, profiling a range of BBQ’s, Smokers and Grills, teaching cooking techniques and providing some great recipes to try at home for your first cook up.

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