Fantasy jobs


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The Australian tourism industry's "So where the bloody hell are you?" campaign might have fallen flat, but they've since made up for it by creating dream jobs in order to attract media attention and promote Australia as a holiday destination.

Tourism Australia is currently offering six jobs (‘Chief Funster', ‘Lifestyle Photographer', Outback Adventurer', ‘Park Ranger', ‘Taste Master' and ‘Wildlife Caretaker') that pay a $100,000 annual salary for six months of travelling around an Australian state or territory then sharing what you experience with the world.

Here are some non-tourism jobs we'd also like to see advertised.

Awkward conversation maker

Granted, this isn't a job we'd actually like to do, but it would sure be handy if all those icky encounters could be outsourced to a third party. Need to tell your best friend they've got terrible BO? Your partner that it's all over and you're moving out? Your neighbour that you can hear them partying every single night? Think how much easier things would be if you could pay a professional to pass on the bad news.

Celebrity house sitter

Showbiz types must need someone to feed their small fluffy dogs and make sure no one breaks into their mansion while they're off making movies or touring a new album. As long as they stock up the fridge with French Champagne and refuel the Ferrari before taking off, we'd be happy to do it at no charge.


Ever wonder where new words like ‘chillax', ‘bromance', ‘sexting' or ‘totes' come from? Us too. Wouldn't you be crunk if you got paid top dollar to coin new words?

Professional sports fan

Surely with all the money now sloshing around in professional sports the relevant authorities could offer a wage to a team's most fanatical supporters? Diverting just a tiny portion of the star player's salary would be enough to keep hundreds of fans in body paint, banners and plane tickets to away games all season long.

While it's nice to dream, it's smarter to take action to maximise the chances of finding a real-world career that's fulfilling. You can find a wide range of TAFE NSW courses today that can propel you into a fantastic career.