Filling the shortage

Most of these job shortages will likely remain in place for at least the next couple of years

Q: What's the best way of increasing your chances of scoring a job after you finish your studies?

A: Choose a job area that's experiencing a skills shortage.

When demand outstrips supply, and if you have the skills and qualifications that lots of employers are looking for, you may even find yourself in the enviable position of being able to pick and choose from several different job opportunities.

So what are the job areas experiencing a skills shortage in NSW?

Currently, the building and construction industry heads the list. There are state wide shortages of bricklayers, plumbers, stonemasons, plasterers, tilers and cabinetmakers in both metropolitan and regional areas. And with the construction industry continuing to expand, these shortages aren't likely to be rectifying themselves any time soon.

The other job area really feeling the effects of the skills shortage is the automotive industry. We Australians love our vehicles, which means we'll always need skilled professionals who can repair and maintain them. But with a dearth of automotive electricians, diesel motor mechanics, motorcycle mechanics, metal machinists and panelbeaters, these essential services will be less readily available and more expensive.

The healthcare industry also has some gaps in its workforce. Sonographers, optometrists, audiologists and midwives are in short supply across the state, particularly in regional areas.

Other significant job shortages across different industries include hairdressers, child care centre managers, surveyors and arborists.

As the process of training up skilled professionals doesn't happen overnight, most of these job shortages will likely remain in place for at least the next couple of years. However, many will eventually sort themselves out, so it's still worth choosing a particular job area primarily because you're naturally interested in it, rather than because of a skills shortage. And remember, if you're feeling unsure of your possible career options, all TAFE NSW Institutes have trained career counsellors who can help point you in the right direction.

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