Five careers with the highest earning potential

We know that life isn't about money. But a career that you enjoy and that earns you a nice hefty pay packet at the same time is something a lot of us strive for. It's the best of both worlds. And it is possible to have both.

Here is a line-up of Australia's highest paid career areas and what qualification you need to land a lucrative job in them.

(5)  Financial and insurance services

The industry that deals directly with finance and its various transactions is well placed to make it onto the list, and here it is at fifth place. Jobs in the financial services sector that tend to pay well are analyst, investment advisor, data scientist and financial advisor.

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(4)  Real estate

The property boom may have its ups and downs but the real estate sector is still home to a lot of very generously paid jobs. These can include property manager, underwriter and real estate attorney.

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(3)  Construction

Our construction boom continues at a feverish pace, placing the industry at number three on our list. And in NSW this is an industry with some serious skills shortages, meaning employment prospects in this area are pretty good to begin with. Some construction jobs with attractive salaries include builder, construction manager, estimator and project manager.

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(2)  IT

It's little surprise that IT comes in at number two on our list. In this digital age, information technology controls more aspects of our lives than ever before, at work, at home and at play. Generously renumerated jobs within the IT industry include database developer, business analyst, IT support technician and web developer.

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(1)  Mining

Coming in at number one is the mining sector, and really, is this any surprise to anyone? Not only do we have an ongoing minerals and resources boom, but this is an industry that often has difficulty attracting employees because of difficult working conditions such as long hours, confinement and geographic isolation. The result – generous remuneration packages that can often exceed $120,000 per year. Some mining jobs with great salaries include work health & safety officer, high risk work trainer & assessor and recruitment coordinator.

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