Five lessons from James Bond

Whether it's exam pressure, deadlines at work or trouble at home, never let on to the rest of the world you're either shaken or stirred

With the 007 film franchise celebrating its 50th anniversary, and with critics and audiences alike proclaiming Skyfall the best Bond movie ever, what better time to explore what the suave secret agent has to teach us?

For generations of men, James Bond has been the ultimate role model. Rambos, Indiana Joneses and Luke Skywalkers come and go, but for half a century James Bond has been there with a clever joke, a beautiful love interest and a world-saving plan to thwart the evil super villain.

But it's not just men who can learn from James Bond – it's all of us. Here are four touchstones of the Bond philosophy that have the potential to transform your life.

1. Never give up

It doesn't matter whether he's about to be cut in half by a laser or being torn apart by a giant with metal teeth – Bond never, ever gives up. Granted, he doesn't always win the fight, but he always lives to fight another day.

Whether it's resolving to finish a TAFE course regardless of all the other demands on your time or continuing to apply for jobs despite a seemingly endless series of knockbacks, the Bond never-say-die approach will ensure you too eventually come out on top.

2. Gadgets are your friend

Do you ever see James Bond poking at the dashboard of his sports car then shrugging his shoulders and telling his femme fatale companion, "I can't get this ejector seat thingie to work; I think I'll ring the IT department"? No way. Even back in 1962, Bond realised that the future belonged to those willing to embrace and master technology.

3. Confidence will get you everywhere

You might not always have the perfect one-liner, but that doesn't mean you can't project confidence by dressing well and refusing to let fear stand in the way of grabbing opportunities when they arise.

4. Stay cool under pressure

Have you ever seen 007 lose control and panic when the pressure's on? Exactly. Whether it's exam pressure, deadlines at work or trouble at home, whatever's going on inside your head, never let on to the rest of the world you're either shaken or stirred.

5. Finish what you start

Bond is a man of integrity, which means he always finishes what he starts. Your job description probably doesn't include a licence to kill, but if you make a habit of seeing things through to completion you just might, like the British superspy, end up rubbing shoulders with interesting people in glamorous locations.

Whether it's using the latest technologies to help through current TAFE NSW studies or simply needing the self-confidence to apply for that dream job, everyone can take a lesson from James Bond.