Future Kardashians to be trained in selfie photography at TAFE NSW

Happy APRIL FOOL'S DAY! Given the global rise of the phenomenon known as the 'selfie', TAFE NSW is introducing a new course - Certificate III in 'Selfie' Art.

The course aims to reduce inappropriate use of the selfie in public settings and increase the quality of what has become an important repository of social documentation.

"We've all seen badly framed, poorly lit and out of focus images in our social media streams, and we at TAFE NSW have said enough is enough," said Jim Griffiths, TAFE NSW Brand ManagerThe course will cover topics such as the history of the selfie, faking spontenaeity, photographic composition at arm's length, the selfie and politics, the selfie and popular culture. It will also cover some basics such as lighting, framing, perfecting the duck face and how to avoid the dreaded 'selfie neck'. 

One of the most exciting units of study is the many inappropriate uses of the 'selfie stick' that are completely unrelated to photography.

"With trillions of gigabytes of data being uploaded every day we can now look forward to our society being represented in a better light for future generations," said Mr Griffiths. "And we all know that the secret to success is good lighting."

Only attractive students will be considered for enrolment (at least a 7 out of 10). The first students are expected to start the course on 1 May this year.

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