Get help to study: TAFE NSW student support

Has it been a while since you've studied? Or are you thinking about study, but are a bit unsure about whether you can make it through a course? Don't worry, we've got you covered.

TAFE NSW has loads of support services to help you. From study support, to counselling and career advice, if you hit a roadblock, we have the support you need to navigate around it.

So, let's have a look at the types of student support you can access.

Student support: learning and study assistance

If you are struggling with your studies, our Learning Centres are here to help you.

Located in each of our TAFE NSW locations, Learning Centres offer (free) assistance with:

  • literacy and numeracy
  • communication skills
  • operating computers
  • subject-specific support.
  • Some locations also offer workshops to help you to write essays, reference your assignments and use programs like Microsoft Excel.

    Speaking about Learning Centres, Anne Martin, Head Teacher, Foundation Skills at TAFE NSW St Leonards said ‘Any student can come into the Learning Centre and get help with their study. It's open every day.'

    Chatting about the type of help available at TAFE NSW St Leonards' Learning Centre, Anne said, ‘We have a daily timetable of teachers from across all faculties that come into the Centre.

    ‘Students can have a look at this timetable, work out when a teacher from their area will be in, and come in at that time to ask their questions.

    ‘We also run classes for students wanting to improve their writing skills or conversation skills, spelling or pronunciation or report writing. And we have short computer courses,' she added.

    Contact your local TAFE NSW Campus to find out how our Learning Centres can help you.

    Mature students learning computer skillsStudent support

    Most TAFE NSW locations have professional counsellors on their grounds. There is no limit on the amount of sessions you can have with our counsellors, and every session is totally free of charge.

    You can book in sessions with our counsellors to get help with:

  • career and study planning
  • mental health issues.
  • Career and study counselling

    If you don't know what career path you should follow, what to study, or what to do next, our counsellors can help.

    When you book a session with a counsellor, they can help you to:

  • clarify your career goals
  • pick the right course
  • plan your career pathway
  • work through any educational difficulties you may be having
  • develop study skills.
  • Discussing the type of help TAFE NSW counsellors can offer enrolled students, Kate Semple, TAFE NSW Counsellor said, ‘It's actually quite broad. We can work with them to help figure out what course they want to do, or what they want to do after their study finishes'.

    ‘We can also help with general career planning. We help students find out more about careers. We also do a lot of job seeking stuff–interview skills, resume help, where to look for work, the whole spectrum really.

    ‘Sometimes students are looking at pathways into higher education, and that can be a bit of a minefield too if you haven't done it before, so we help with that.

    ‘We also see a lot of students to help them develop study skills. We look at what's getting in their way (like procrastination, study environment etc) and come up with strategies that might work for them,' she added.

    Young Woman Talking To a Colleague.Career counselling for prospective students

    It's not just enrolled students that can use TAFE NSW counselling services. People who are thinking about studying at TAFE NSW can also get help:

  • finding a course that best suits them
  • planning their study around a career pathway
  • understanding what a career in a particular field can offer.
  • ‘We work with them to figure out what course might best suit their needs,' Semple said.

    ‘Part of that can be looking at career development. We also give prospective students a sense of whether the industry might be growing or getting smaller, what the current market is like, and their potential income.

    ‘Often, I'll give people more research and information to go home with. Most people leave with a better idea of what they want to enrol in,' she added.

    Mental health counselling

    Most people at some point in their lives will experience a mental health issue. There is nothing to be ashamed about if you do find yourself struggling. What's important, is that you know that help is available (and it's free).

    Speaking about the kind of assistance that TAFE NSW counsellors can offer, Semple said ‘We see people suffering a full range of mental health issues, from stress, to anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia, the whole spectrum. We cater for everyone.

    ‘A lot of students will access us because their mental health issues are getting in the way of their study. We teach them strategies to manage their conditions and to help them get through their course. Our aim is to improve their wellbeing overall' she added.

    Contact your TAFE NSW location's Counselling Services to make an appointment with a counsellor.

    Happy Young Woman Talking To a Colleague.Student support: disability

    If you have a disability (physical or psychiatric), we are here to support you through your studies.

    Depending on your needs, you can access:

  • tutorial support
  • adaptive technologies
  • sign-language interpreters
  • note-takers
  • disability assistants
  • classroom support
  • assessment modifications.
  • Reach out to your TAFE NSW location to make an appointment with our Disability Services and see how we can help you.

    Student support: international students

    If you are a TAFE NSW international student, we have loads of support services available for you (free of charge).

    Our Learning Centres offer support with English, maths and communication skills. Here, you can also brush up on and study skills like note-taking, library and internet research, and exam preparation.

    Some locations also offer non-TAFE NSW students, English, maths and communication assistance for a small fee.

    Visit your TAFE NSW location's Learning Centre for more information.

    Group Of Mature Students Collaborating On Project In LibraryYou are not alone!

    When you study with TAFE NSW you enter a learning community that is designed to support you. If you find yourself struggling, whether that be with learning, study, career or personal problems, we are here for you. Reach out, get help, and move beyond your struggles and onwards towards your career.