How to find job vacancies

It's worth making use of traditional job-search methods as well as thinking outside the box

People find jobs in all sorts of different ways, so it's a smart move to explore as many avenues as possible.

To maximise your chances of finding the kind of work you're after in the shortest amount of time, it's worth making use of traditional job-search methods as well as thinking outside the box.

Job boards

Many people looking for a job don't do much more than log on to SEEK. Undoubtedly, many are lucky enough to get a job that way, but if you're not one of them then it's time to look further afield. There are other generalist online job boards such as CareerOne and MyCareer as well a host of sites devoted to particular industries, such EthicalJobs, which advertises not-for-profit and charity positions.


LinkedIn has now reached a tipping point with most people in professional occupations having signed up. Employers look set to make even greater use of this site to advertise positions and find possible candidates, so it's imperative you create a profile on it. View tips for developing your online persona.

Recruitment agencies

If you have a skill set that's in demand, you will find recruitment agents eager to work with you. If you don't, you'll likely discover they're not very interested in assisting you. Nonetheless, it's always worth ringing around and seeing if any agencies will put you on their books.

Cold calling

If there is a business you'd like to work for, you can ring them and ask if there are any openings. Do some research first into who's the best person to contact. In a medium to large company it will probably be the HR department, while with a smaller business it may be the owner or manager. Ring up, ask if they are free to talk then briefly outline your background and explain why you're keen to work there. If they show any interest (or even if they don't), follow up with an email containing your résumé and thank them for their time.


You want the world to know you're in the market for a job. Ask former or current employers, friends, family or, if studying at university or TAFE, you can even ask your lecturers if they can be of any assistance in matching you up with potential employers.

If you do everything possible to find employment, your efforts are bound to pay off sooner rather than later.