How to get a job in real estate

The world of real estate is exciting and dynamic and often incorporates the best of different worlds

It's hard to escape the chatter about Sydney's property boom. Even in regional areas, people seem fascinated by property values and their fluctuations.

Clearly real estate and property is huge business. People will always need somewhere to live, whether they're renting or buying. And as local populations generally tend to grow faster than the number of available homes, the demand for this kind of professional skillset will only increase.

So what makes a great real estate agent?

At the top of the list are excellent communication skills. Selling or buying property can be a very stressful experience, so having a real estate agent who communicates clearly and keeps clients "in the loop" can be a huge comfort. Closely tied in with good communication is being a "people person" with good empathy and understanding.

Other important qualities include flexibility, attention to detail, being persuasive, the ability to perform well under pressure, and a sound knowledge of the local property market. Being competitive will also stand you in good stead.

[quote]Real estate is a very competitive game and the stakes are often high.[/quote]

How to get started

Regarding more formal qualifications, TAFE NSW Online's Certificate IV in Property Services is an excellent starting point. There are no entry requirements and this qualification is nationally recognised. Best of all, TAFE NSW Online's flexible delivery means you can study wherever and whenever you want, allowing you to balance other commitments with your study schedule.

Speaking from experience

The world of real estate is exciting and dynamic and often incorporates the best of different worlds. TAFE NSW ambassador, Bassam Barake, who graduated in 2009 with his Certificate IV in Property Services, recalls a conversation with his careers advisor when he was trying to decide what career path to follow:

[quote]"She asked me ‘Do you want to be an indoor person or an outdoor person?"[/quote]

And I said to her ‘Look, I want to be both'. So she said ‘Have you considered real estate?'"