How to land yourself a summer job

So you've finally finished high school (hooray!). But your TAFE course doesn't start for a few months. It's a great opportunity to take a summer job. But how do you go about it? What kind of jobs are out there and how do you snag one?

Here are a couple of suggestions for jobs that are generally in pretty good supply over the summer months. Plus the short courses offered by TAFE that can help you get them. When Semester 1 rolls around next year you can have some real life work experience under your belt and some extra cash in your pocket.


Summer is a very social season. All those end-of-year work parties, plus Christmas and new-year festivities mean that hospitality workers are in strong demand at this time of year. The best way you can score a job behind a bar is to approach pubs and clubs personally with your resume. That's where TAFE's Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) certificate may push you over the line ahead of your competitors.


With lots of people in holiday mode, cafes and coffee shops are usually hives of activity throughout summer. Never worked an espresso machine before? No problems. TAFE's Statement of Attainment in Barista Skills is a short course that will have you churning out the lattes like a pro.

Traffic controller

This is a job that's great for short term stints, such as a couple of weeks at a time. And it's ideal for anyone who likes working outdoors (don't forget the sunscreen!). Anyone working as a traffic controller in NSW first needs their Statement of Attainment in General Construction WHS Induction (White Card). This is mandatory for anyone who may be entering or working on a construction site, which includes traffic controllers.

Warehouse packer

There's always strong demand for warehouse packers over summer. These gigs involve a lot of physical work, so it's a great way of keeping fit. They also usually involve night work, so it's a good option if you're more of an owl than a lark. Many casual packing jobs don't require you to be experienced. However, a First Aid statement of attainment from TAFE, can be something to make you stand out from your competitors.