How to slay your beauty portfolio

Don't be shy to let your personality shine through your portfolio if you think it might give you an edge

It's no surprise that ever-growing technology and social media platforms are having a major impact on the beauty industry today.

Whether you're a TAFE NSW hair and beauty student, or interested in a career in this field, a strong online presence is crucial for your future business.

A fantastic digital portfolio, showcasing photographs of your finest work can attract potential employers and clients by portraying the technical skills you've mastered along with your unique style.

Here are our top tips for creating/maintaining your digital portfolio…

Start now!

Ideally you should commence collating your portfolio while you have your training wheels on, so that you can build your content and show/track your skill development. But, even if you're past that stage and still haven't started your portfolio, it's never too late to begin.

Use great quality images

The beauty industry is highly visual and imagery is very powerful. Don't taint your hard work by capturing it through poor quality images. Where possible, use a professional photographer to produce a range of pictures for your portfolio. If that's not realistic, snap your photos with a good quality camera, using natural lighting and neutral backgrounds that won't distract from your work.

Quality over quantity

Choose 10 – 15 of your BEST photos to include in your online portfolio, which showcase your outstanding work and technique. Don't let the viewer get distracted by too many images or a portfolio which may be difficult to navigate. Every picture reflects your work, so if you're not happy with it – don't upload it.

Showcase your versatility

Potential clients need to know that you're capable of creating several different looks, which can appeal to different tastes. So include imagery that reflects this. Ensure your photo collection contains different styles, angles, poses lighting (e.g. natural light, indoor lighting, flash photography, spotlights etc.), black and white photography and so on.

Don't be afraid to stand out

The hair and beauty industry can be very competitive. Don't be shy to let your personality shine through your portfolio if you think it might give you an edge. Remember you have to impress viewers in a glance.


Although there's no right or wrong way to order the images in your portfolio, it's beneficial that your portfolio is easy to navigate and your photos flow. One example would be to group similar images together, e.g. hair up styles, black and white photos etc.


Your beauty portfolio is basically your online resume, so it needs to be professional. Be sure to have an extra pair of eyes check your work before you publish. Although the focus should be on your imagery, correct spelling and grammar and attention to detail are still important.


Never claim work to be yours if it's not. If other people were involved in the images you upload then give credit where it's due. Ensure you have written permissions from relevant people to use images, e.g. models, photographers, publishers etc.  Don't cheat by altering images of your work, because really, that's false advertising.

Social media

If your beauty portfolio is on a website you have created, than take advantage of social media to direct people to your work. Social media is a very powerful platform for advertising and best of all, it's free! Regularly sharing strong imagery of your quality work will engage potential clients.

Keep it current

A great portfolio is always a work in progress. Remember to update and review it regularly. Viewers need to know that your skills are constantly improving and you're keeping up with trends.

Be patient

Just like Rome, a portfolio wasn't built in a day. It takes time, which is why the sooner you start the quicker you can build it. If it's not fantastic at the start, just be patient. As your skills and experience grow, so should your portfolio and choice of content.