Setting the Record on: Asset Sales

Where there is TAFE today, there will be TAFE in the future.

Our asset base is broader than just buildings - TAFE NSW has a large and diverse asset portfolio with nearly 2,000 buildings within 134 campuses, across ten institutes in five regions. 

We hold some assets that are clearly not part of our core business, including residential property, child care centres, empty buildings in the middle of shopping centres and blocks of vacant land. 25 per cent of this asset base is not being used effectively and our average building is 29 years old.

If this vacant land or the underutilised facilities are sold, the proceeds are being reinvested into modernising and improving TAFE facilities and learning platforms for the benefit of our students. 

We plan to expand our delivery footprint. Goal 3 in the TAFE NSW Strategic Plan 2016-22 points to our commitment to communities across NSW. One of our measures of success is; Increased delivery to learners living in regional and remote areas, those with a disability, unemployed and from diverse backgrounds.