Setting the record on: Course fees

Fees for Smart and Skilled courses are set by the NSW government and are applicable to all RTOs delivering Smart and Skilled courses in NSW.

Smart and Skilled fees are competitive compared to fees in other States - in most cases, fees in NSW are lower than the maximum fees in other jurisdictions.

The NSW Government is continuing to heavily subsidise the cost of obtaining a qualification, paying an average of 55 to 75 per cent of the cost of a course.

The fee structure balances affordability for students while maximising the number of training places that can be funded. If you are eligible to do a Smart and Skilled course, you may also be eligible for fee exemptions or concessions. People with a disability, their dependents, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are fee exempt for any Smart and Skilled course. People on income support and their dependents may be eligible for concession fees for courses up to Certificate IV. From 2017 refugees and asylum seekers on eligible visas will also not pay any fees for Smart and Skilled courses up to Certificate IV. Please visit for more information

Fees have been fixed at the 2015 levels for the vast majority of qualifications. This is providing certainty for students wanting to access vocational education and training.

Fees for seven qualifications under the Foundation Skills program have been reduced by more than half and fees for traineeships have been capped at $1,000 for a full qualification, in addition to the cap of $2,000 for apprenticeships. Fee Free Scholarships  provide greater access to training for young people, those experiencing domestic violence and their dependants. Please visit for more information.