Six reasons to get your degree with TAFE NSW

"From business and commerce degrees, to engineering and technology degrees, as well as a range of creative and educational degrees, TAFE NSW has something for nearly every area of interest."

And while many institutions offer a variety of great degrees, for many reasons, studying a degree with TAFE NSW is a far better option. Below are just 6 of the ways that you can succeed by studying a degree at TAFE NSW.

1) You can be happier

Life satisfaction is about being happy within your life. It is the kind of satisfaction that is present when we consider our previous achievements and how they can shape our futures.You too, can be happy with your future prospects, knowing that TAFE NSW has received the second highest score for overall graduate satisfaction when compared to universities in NSW, with a massive score of 87%.


2) You can be better skilled

Our students can find themselves far more prepared for the world of work with the strong emphasis we place on a hands-on approach to skills training. Our Teachers are all industry professionals, meaning that The TAFE NSW skills training methods are up to date on the latest industry trends - so much so that universities come to us to teach their students practical techniques. We also have built-in internships and workplacements that enhance your employability and career prospects.

3) You can get more attention

Many studies over the years have shown that there is an increase in student achievement as class sizes are reduced. Our smaller classes allow teachers to be even more focussed on their students, and helps guarantee that you'll never be just a number at TAFE NSW. We practice a personalised approach that gives you greater access to quality education, as well as facilities that have been designed with you in mind.

4) You can be recognised

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is a process of acknowledging previously completed qualifications, skills, knowledge or experience relevant to your course. This may reduce the amount of learning required and allow you to achieve your qualification faster. Additionally, TAFE NSW has Credit Transfer arrangements with Higher Education Providers for more than 150 TAFE NSW courses to articulate into nearly 3,000 degrees in top Australian Universities.

5) You can be more connected

Research has shown that interacting with others in ways that foster high-quality connections can improve morale, creativity, commitment, learning and engagement. TAFE NSW has over 25,000 employer connections around the state, as well as teachers who are also practicing experts within their field. So not only will you become a more invigorated student, but with our strong industry ties and job placement solutions, you can also get a head start after you graduate, or even while you're still studying.

6) You can be wherever suits you

Not everyone is able to study a degree during typical work hours at university classrooms within the major cities. Thankfully TAFE NSW offers nationally recognised degrees at 17 different locations around the state, as well as online. While some of our degrees offer a mix of classroom and online delivery to allow you to balance your studies around your other commitments, some TAFE NSW degrees are able to be fully studied online, whenever and wherever it best suits you.

For more information see our Bachelor Degree information on our website. #BeAmbitious