Spring Semester - it's the final stretch

As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, it's important to keep your study and social lives in harmonious balance

It's happened. Spring has well and truly sprung. The colour and abundance of nature is coming into bloom everywhere. Suddenly the idea of being out and about in this new found warmth is very appealing indeed.

But don't forget about your studies.

Welcome to TAFE NSW's spring semester - the final stretch of the year. And while you may be tempted to kick off that winter heaviness and inertia with a bit of light-hearted frolicking among the daisies, it's more important now than ever to keep your eyes on your study goals for the year. There's plenty of balmy weather ahead over the next couple of months, and you'll enjoy it all the more knowing you did justice to your studies. Here are some simple tips to help you remain focused for the next crucial two months.

Be organised

It's likely you'll have more assignments due during this semester than the previous ones. Help keep your mind organised and make a calendar of exactly what's due when. And not just a digital calendar. Write or print it out and put it up where you'll see it regularly. This way none of those deadlines will be able to creep up on you.

Extra curricular activities

We're certainly not saying eliminate them altogether and become a hermit for the next two months. It's very important to take regular breaks from your studies and a healthy social life is a great way of recharging yourself. As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, it's important to keep your study and social lives in harmonious balance. In other words, you can continue your studies and smell the flowers too. Or even eat them if that's your thing.

Food and rest

This might seem obvious, but it can still be very easy to fall into unhealthy dietary habits and sleep patterns. Maintain a nutritious balanced diet with plenty of fresh whole foods and aim for about eight hours of good sleep every night. You'd be surprised at the difference this can make to your ability to absorb information and concentrate. And you'll feel better too.

Pace yourself

Last minute cramming for exams might work for some people, but they're probably the exception rather than the rule. If you give your studies the time they deserve, spread evenly throughout the semester, you'll be much better prepared for those exams. And you'll avoid a lot of unnecessary stress in the process. Break the semester down into individual weeks and chunk your workload that way.

Reward yourself

You've come a long way. It's important to acknowledge the year's achievements and treat yourself to something nice for a job well done. And whether there's more study on the way next year or whether you're planning on some different kind of adventures, these milestones deserve to be celebrated.