SWSi students encouraged to eat healthy

TAFE NSW's South Western Sydney has extended a collaborative arrangement with Western Sydney Local Health Districts that's designed to encourage healthier lifestyle habits among students.

So far the program has seen the introduction of smoke-free campuses and healthy food and drink options in canteens. Buoyed on by these successful reforms, the program has now been extended for at least another two years.

"South western Sydney is a diverse and vibrant community and many of our students are from cultural backgrounds that have identified risks of lifestyle diseases," said SWSi's Associate Institute Director Debra Jolley. "Some students forget to eat lunch or only ever eat junk food because it's quick and easy to eat while studying. We are actively changing this mindset in order to create a culture of healthier students."

As well as healthy eating and drinking habits, the program also educates students on the importance of getting enough sleep so that their brains and bodies can function at optimum levels.