That course wasn't for you? Here's 5 TAFE NSW degrees

So you've decided the course you were studying wasn't your cup of tea. It's okay to change your mind, it happens. After all, you should be happy, or at least enjoy what you're doing.  If Mark Zuckerberg can drop out of his course and still be successful, then so can you! 

What's next?

Figuring out which course will actually help you achieve your career goals. If you don't know right now, that's fine. TAFE NSW is here to help and give you some inspo.

TAFE Degrees

Starting a new course again doesn't have to be a headache. You may not need to start from scratch. With a TAFE NSW degree you may be eligible for exemption from some subjects if you've completed studies in a similar field or have relevant industry experience.

We've listed a sample of our degree courses below to get the ideas flowing.

Bachelor of Fashion Design

Nicky Zimmerman, Alex Perry and Dion Lee. These huge names are all TAFE NSW graduates and only a selection of the crazy talent that our fashion courses produce. The three-year Bachelor of Fashion Design degree is offered at our Fashion Design Studio (FDS) in Ultimo, Sydney. The FDS was named in the top 50 fashion schools in the WORLD, so it's no surprise that this school is very popular in Australia. The course will teach you how to expand on your own creativity as well as learn the technical and business skills required to be successful in this industry. This degree could be the first step towards the runway at New York Fashion Week, just like our graduate, Jessica Van's, achievement.

Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation

Calling all creative individuals with a vivid imagination! This degree can help launch your career in many industries such as television, feature filmmaking, game design and development, online content development and advertising, and many more. If you need more inspiration, one of our teachers, Lily Dell, has worked on movies like The Jungle Book 2 and Who Framed Roger RabbitThis specialist three-year course will develop your skills in visual effects and animation, while also teaching you the practical knowledge needed for the 3D art and animation professional world.


Bachelor of Information Technology (Network Security)

Interested in the fast-growing and dynamic industry of technology? This three-year degree will qualify you to work as a network security specialist. This involves protecting the security of data and information as well as developing solutions for the management and protection of big data. Bottom line, cybercrime is a serious threat to Australian business, consumers and government and you could be their cyber Superman (too cheesy?).  This course has been accredited by the Australian Computer Society (ACS) and complies with the ACS standards for specialist IT degrees. Are you the next Clark Kent ?!

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care (Birth - 5)

If you adore working with kids, this four-year degree could be for you. This accredited course qualifies you to work as a teacher in preschools and long day care. The degree will prepare you for life after you graduate, with practical training including work placement. The demand for childcare workers in Australia is high, so this course could be a smart option if you're passionate about working with children.

Bachelor of Design (Interior Design)

Do you consider yourself as a creative and innovative person? Our three-year Bachelor of Design degree (Interior Design) is delivered from our award winning Design Centre at Enmore, Sydney. From studio learning to internships, this course will help you to develop both practical and theoretical skills, setting you up for success in the design industry worldwide. An added bonus to completing your internship is the valuable contacts you gain, which means a greater chance of employment upon graduation. Time to unleash your creativity in the design world?

Why TAFE ?

You don't have to go to Uni to get a degree. In fact, there's so many advantages in studying your degree at TAFE NSW. To name a few - smaller classes which makes for better learning and interaction, hands on practical training so you're job ready, opportunities for internships and work placement; I could go on! Find out for yourself.

Now what?

So, it's time to get your thinking cap on. Keep all of your options open, and remember - changing courses is NOT the end of the world.

For our full list of degrees plus more info on the above click here.