The rise of the entrepreneur

These days it seems like every second person wants to be an entrepreneur.

People have been fascinated by these inspirational folk throughout history. Back in the day it was Thomas Edison, Coco Chanel and Henry Ford leading the charge. In more contemporary times it's been the likes of Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey and Richard Branson providing the high profile inspiration.

Not everyone has what it takes to be an entrepreneur

True innovation requires some personal qualities that are often talked about but rarely seen. Characteristics like original thinking, boldness, creativity, fearlessness and a willingness to take some calculated risks. A lot of people who don't have these qualities like to think they have them in spades.

Of course, you don't have to be launching a new global brand to be an entrepreneur. Turning an original idea into a thriving new business, no matter how modest, is still a brave move.

The Perks

There's also the added attraction of being your own boss. It's an idea with almost universal appeal. No long commutes, no office politics, no corporate hierarchy to navigate. And while we've all heard of other people's failed attempts to establish their own small business, there's no reason embarking on this kind of venture shouldn't be successful with the right planning, groundwork and vision.

What next?

To help turn your vision into reality, you might want to consider TAFE NSW's Certificate IV in Small Business Management or Certificate IV in New Small Business. Both of these qualifications will give you a solid understanding of things like identifying the feasibility of a small business idea, researching and developing a business plan, the legal and regulatory requirements for small businesses, effective marketing and advertising strategies, financial and operations planning and record keeping. All of these skills will help your new business to flourish.

[quote]Innovation on its own will never be enough to change the world. To become a true entrepreneur, you need a visionary idea, coupled with drive, ambition and the practical skills and knowledge to implement it.[/quote]

TAFE NSW can help you become that person.