Top five Chrome extensions for students

There's nothing like the words "Your productive time on the web today is 23%" to galvanise you into more productive habits

You have an assignment due. The clock is ticking. And let's be honest here – fiddling around with a million internet tabs and tools can be just as bad for your studying regime as binge watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix.

So as a community service to our hard-working, but easily distracted, students, here's something that we think might help. It's a brief rundown on the top five Chrome extensions that have been designed specifically to help you get organized and focused while you're studying. And to keep you that way.

Stayfocused – in a nutshell, this program blocks social media. Enough said.

(Btw, Stayfocused also has something called the "Require Challenge" feature, which means you have to perform some kind of challenge before you can change any settings, such as sites you want to unblock.)

Limitless – billed as "the ultimate productivity companion", this nifty little extension tracks and categorises your browsing habits, telling you how long you've spent on each website, down to the exact second. You can easily toggle this feature on and off with one click. There's nothing like the words "Your productive time on the web today is 23%" to galvanise you into more productive habits.

Diigo – this one allows you to highlight and save selected text using colour-coding, tag web pages, add sticky notes to web pages and share content to different platform such as Facebook, Google Buzz and email. In other words, it's a great one for saving all your research.

NoteBoard – this is a great one for organizing and planning ideas. As the name suggests, it's a digital noteboard that allows you to move around and resize sticky notes and reminders. You can also share boards with friends and save web content in the form of either a note, a selection of text, an image or a link.

Memorize! – especially good if you're one of those people who'll waste time no matter how often you promise yourself that "it'll be different this time". Enter a list of questions and answers for whatever you need to study. Then the extension will pop up at specified intervals to ask you a question. Even if you're busy YouTubing cute puppy vids for hours on end, questions will be asked until you're able to answer all of them. Or you manually stop the extension.