Top five creative careers

It's the age-old dilemma. You're a creative person trapped in a boring job. You feel chained to your desk. When the sun casts its shadows through the blinds, they just look like prison bars. How can you escape?

Believe it or not, it's perfectly possible to have a job that's interesting and creative. You've heard the rumours. You've seen the Facebook posts. You've read the tweets. People actually painting or drawing for a living. People making music for a living. People designing. People telling stories. People working with cushions and curtains, lipstick and liner, fonts and photographs and slogans. People inspiring and being creative.

Yes, you too can be one of those people.

Enrolling in one of TAFE NSW's many creative courses is a great first step to transforming your boring job into an absorbing career. And there's plenty of creativity on offer. Here's a round-up of the top five most popular creative career areas available at TAFE NSW right now. All you have to do is identify your passion and dive right in. Your future career is waiting for you to make the first move.

Graphic Design

If you're a natural creative thinker with artistic flair, then maybe graphic design is the area for you. You'll learn about technical and conceptual design, the impact of colour on design dimensions, typography, layout techniques and folio presentation.

3D Art and Animation

Whether it's gaming, filmmaking, television or online content, there are plenty of opportunities for 3D artists and animators. This is the intersection of artistic vision and technical skills and the place where you can turn fantasy into reality.

Make-up and Beauty

This is an area where your creativity can help people feel and look their best. You'll learn about a broad range of beauty treatments including facial massage, hair removal, cosmetic tattooing, lash and brow treatments, nail technology services and skin care.


Advertising campaigns, marketing trends and clever brand activation activities all rely on huge amounts of creativity, plus some original thinking. With the airwaves and internet more crowded than ever with brands and businesses all vying for people's attention, it takes a certain kind of creativity to stand out from the rest.

Interior Design

The planning and detailing of interior spaces, whether residential, commercial or institutional, requires a certain kind of creativity. When assessing the aesthetic and functional requirements of a space you need to take into account budget, efficiency, comfort, safety, compliance and even environmental factors.