Top ten upcoming careers of 2017

There's been a lot of media coverage about university graduates competing for jobs in saturated career areas. But what about the career areas with a surplus of jobs and a shortage of trained employees to fill them? It seems this is where the focus should be.

Here is our list of the 10 career areas of 2017 – the jobs in most urgent need of skilled employees. As most of these job shortages are being filled by TAFE NSW graduates, this list could possibly be a pointer for you if you're not sure what to study at TAFE.

Civil Engineer

A civil engineer deals with the design, construction and maintenance of structures like roads, bridges and dams as well as all manner of buildings like schools, hospitals and office blocks. They are also responsible for transport systems, sewage systems, gas and water supply, airports and railways. In short, pretty essential for most of society's most important infrastructure.

Explore one of our many courses such as Certificate IV in Civil Construction Operations.


A surveyor prepares sites for construction by making precise measurements to define the boundaries of both commercial and private properties. They also provide information about the shape and contour of the earth's surface for engineering, cartographic and construction projects.

Consider studying a Certificate IV in Surveying

Early childhood teacher

An early childhood teacher works with young children, usually aged from 0 through to about 5 in educational settings such as child care centres, school-based or community programs or home settings.

Explore one of our many course such as the Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care

Aged care nurse

An aged care nurse is a professional who provides care for elderly people. This is usually in settings such as nursing homes, residential facilities, hospitals or via home care services. With Australia's ageing population, it's more than apparent why this profession will continue to increase in demand.

Consider studying a Certificate III in Health Services Assistance (Assisting in nursing work in acute care)

IT programmer

An IT programmer is someone who writes code for computers, using a variety of computer languages like Java and C++. In a nutshell, they manipulate the program designs made by engineers and developers into a language that the computer can understand and follow.

Explore one of our many IT course such as the Certificate IV in Programming

Automotive electrician

An automotive electrician is a mechanic who specialises in repairing and modifying the electrical systems of cars and trucks. They typically do things like repairing or rebuilding components such as starter motors and alternators.

Consider studying a Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology


A locksmith specialises in the installation, repair and adjusting of locks on everything from doors and windows of private homes to offices, public buildings as well as cars and safes. They also offer services regarding the installation of some security systems.


A shipwright is better known as a boat builder and is a professional who designs and builds watercraft. This can include handmade canoes, small fishing boats and trawlers, recreational schooners , large cargo ships, bulk carriers and naval vessels.

Explore one of our many shipwright course such as the Certificate III in Marine Craft Construction


An audiometrist is a hearing care professional specialising in the assessment and management of communication difficulties caused by hearing loss.

Consider studying a Certificate IV in Audiometry

Construction project manager

A construction project manager is a professional who oversees construction projects and processes, both large and small. This can include both the human resources and budgeting aspects of these projects.

Explore one of our many construction course such as the Certificate III in Civil Construction (Civil Construction General)