Why Australia is a world leader in education

Australia's educational institutions promote innovative, independent and results-orientated thinking

For a country with a small population, Australia has a remarkably high proportion of the world's international students.

There are around four million tertiary students enrolled to study outside their country of citizenship, and the third most popular destination for them, after the USA and UK, is Australia.

A quality education system

While Australia doesn't yet have anything rivaling Harvard or Oxford, it does have excellent universities and vocational education institutions. These institutions are highly respected and the qualifications they deliver are recognised around the world.

They offer a wide range of courses and boast up-to-date infrastructure and committed staff. Befitting a young country that is taking an ever-growing role in the world, Australia's educational institutions promote innovative, independent and results-orientated thinking. Graduates from Australian universities and TAFE are highly sought after by Australian and international employers.

Value for money

While Australia's booming economy and strong dollar has made the county relatively more expensive of late, it still provides excellent value for money compared to destinations such as the UK and the USA. And, given the booming economy, work opportunities for international students – both while studying and after graduating – are plentiful.

A welcoming attitude towards foreigners

Australia is a country of immigrants with a vibrant multicultural society. While international students have the opportunity to practise their English and learn about Western customs, they can also readily make contact with others who share their nationality, language or religious beliefs in Australia.

A long-term commitment to international education

While many nations are now aggressively marketing themselves to international students, Australian educational institutions, with the strong support of the Australian government, have spent several decades working to meet and exceed the expectations of foreign students. The 2010 International Student Survey showed that about 90 per cent of international students said they were satisfied with their living and study experience in Australia and felt safe while living there.

Ultimately, the proof of Australia's status as one of the world's top education hubs lies in its consistent popularity with discerning international students. Since the 1980s, millions of students from all over the world have chosen to study Down Under and hundreds of thousands continue to do so every year.