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Rise and shine, it's ambition time

You may not be a morning person. Then again, you may not have the same study experiences as some TAFE NSW students .

Rise and shine, it's ambition time

When your 'classroom' offers something bright, something beautiful, or something you're just passionate about, then the everyday turns into something different. It's time to celebrate you and your goals, so wake up and smell your future.


Early mornings ‘in class’

"I love the early mornings," says Ian Clarke, sports turf teacher. "I love the sunrises. I love working with living plants… the grasses and the trees and shrubs around the greens.”

When you consider that at the same time, many other students are cooped up inside classrooms, Ian's mornings sound like a pretty good start to the day.

The buzz of the fashion biz

“We all sort of rock in early morning, all with our coffees,” says fashion teacher Alex Zehnter, pictured. “First of all, we'll get the chitchat out of the way, and then it's straight into creative briefs, fabric printing, sewing, textiles, deconstruction exercises.”

What about floristry?

Floristry student, Anjulie, says that when you arrive to class in the mornings, there is already an array of flowers, just waiting for you to come and arrange them.

“The teacher will do a demonstration, and then you get to actually play with the flowers,” she says. “On the first day, I was really surprised. We got to just actually get flowers, and play with them and start making things!”

So if you love flowers, you should study floristry. That way, you could spend every morning 'playing'.

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