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Take a different, more caring, path to career success

If you’re caring for someone who experiences disability, mental health, ageing or complex health and wellbeing needs, we have some good news.

Take a different, more caring, path to career success

If you’re currently caring for someone, TAFE NSW has an innovative program that can recognise the skills you’ve gained through your caring experience. This can reduce the time you spend studying, and allow you to finish a qualification sooner.

A different pathway: Carer to Career

Carer to Career is a specialist TAFE NSW program for people that live in NSW, and are currently caring for a family member, friend or neighbour who experiences disability, mental health, ageing, or complex health and wellbeing needs. In short, the Carer to Career program can use lived experience, and make it much easier for carers to enrol with TAFE NSW, to undergo their studies, and to pursue their career goals. Carers just like Tracie.

For the last 28 years, Tracie Martin has been a full time carer for two of her four children. Now thanks to TAFE NSW, she is able to transform her skills into pursuing a paid career as an enrolled nurse.

Growing through experience

Tracie’s eldest son has multiple epilepsy, brain damage, autism and behavioural issues. Her youngest son is blind and autistic. Putting her personal experience and practical knowledge to use outside of her family life, Tracie enrolled at TAFE NSW in the Diploma of Nursing.

Having much personal experience with disability, Tracie has a refreshing approach to nursing which has garnered praise from new employers at a local aged care facility in Coffs Harbour.

“Instead of trying to fix people with disabilities, I make people’s environments work as best they can for that person. Not everybody needs to be fixed, it’s important to look at an individual’s situation and improve things from that angle,” said Tracie.

Combining life experience with professional work experience

With the help of TAFE NSW, throughout her Diploma of Nursing course, Tracie has enjoyed work experience in medical, pediatrics, and theatre nursing. And after 18 months of studying the Diploma, Tracie will graduate as a fully qualified Enrolled Nurse.

With health, wellbeing and community services sector jobs expected to grow by 4.4% to 2021, and through the help of TAFE NSW, Tracie is on track to convert her role within her family, into a rewarding career helping other families. And you can too.

Take your career along a different path.

Regardless of whether your carer role is unpaid or paid (i.e. carers payment, foster carer), Carer to Career can recognise your previously learned skills to speed up your qualification. For other qualifications, the program allows your study and assessment requirements to be adjusted to better support your carer role.

If you are supporting and caring for a family member, friend or neighbour this is the right pathway for you.

Explore your options


TAFE NSW has over 1,200 courses, diplomas, and degrees for you to choose from. Our career counsellors can work with you to help select the best qualification that fits your interests, and your caring situation.

Be recognised in a rewarding career. Inquire today, and discover if you are eligible for the Carer to Career program.