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What your teachers want you to know

TAFE NSW teachers are here to help you succeed. That's their job. Your success is actually their success.

What your teachers want you to know


Don't struggle in silence

Go and talk to them. Your teachers can explain things in a way that may help you understand the concept better. That's why TAFE NSW loves to keep classes small and results big. Or give you some extra learning material that will provide more background. Or give you the tools you need to manage your workload.

Learning can be difficult

Especially if you're not the type of person who likes asking questions in class. TAFE NSW teachers want to accommodate your particular learning style and they have methods that can suit your individual needs. There are many ways we can support your learning. Now is the time to ask for help and improve your skills; teachers don't create assessments to make you feel judged.

Get a great job once you've graduated

Our teachers will push you to live and breathe your course work so that you'll have an amazing portfolio of work to share with potential employers. They really want you to treat your study like a job so that you'll be able to enter the workforce with confidence. They will help connect you with your future.

What you're being taught really matters

Understanding the key concepts you're being taught might not seem relevant now. But you'll have your lightbulb moment and realise everything you're being taught has a purpose.

Don't give up!

Feeling overwhelmed? TAFE NSW teachers can help you pinpoint the underlying issues that may be causing you to freak out, and they can teach you skills to help you cope. They can also put you in contact with other of our services that can support your learning.

Trust yourself

No one knows it all; even teachers have to stay up-to-date with changing techniques and concepts. Keep an open mind, trust your instincts and do your best to gain more experience and knowledge outside of the classroom. Teachers want to create a two-way learning environment that challenges you.

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