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3 light bulbs just for you, from the Productivity Commission

The Productivity Commission's report, 'The Demand Driven University System', has three essential take-home messages about the higher education system.

3 light bulbs just for you, from the Productivity Commission

TAFE NSW is the right idea

   1. Better completion rate for TAFE NSW

According to the report university is not the best option for many: "Viable alternatives in vocational education and training (VET), which better suit some students will ensure more young people succeed."

Vocational training is often more accessible and students can receive better support.

The simple message is that TAFE NSW students, on average, are more likely to complete their studies. And that means better employment opportunities.

   2. More jobs

The report says that VET students also have very good, and sometimes better, labour market outcomes than university attendees, at least by age 25 years, suggesting that TAFE NSW is an amazing pathway.

TAFE NSW gets you ready for the workforce with a focus on practical skills and our industry connections will lead you to excellent placements and work experience. You'll get into work faster.

 3. Higher incomes

The report says: "At age 25 years, a higher proportion of VET students were working full-time and, on average, earned more than their counterparts that attended university."

The report also suggests that TAFE NSW students would have less education-related debt than their university counterparts which puts you on the financial front foot.

TAFE NSW or university?

Each system has advantages. You can have the amazing TAFE NSW benefits and get the benefits of a degree by doing a Bachelor degree with TAFE NSW

  • Study a Bachelor degree with no ATAR
  • Small class sizes to help you find your rhythm
  • Study and library support when you need it
  • Work experience and internship options
  • Our industry connections become your industry connections
  • Government-backed with no hidden fees
  • Scholarships may be available

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