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Inspiration for change – Interior Design

“I think we have so much time in life to further our understanding and education.”

Inspiration for change – Interior Design

We can only go so far in life working things out for ourselves. We learn from our parents, our families, our friends, our school teachers and our workmates. We have the potential to learn something new from each person we encounter in our lives.

Quite often, however, we can find ourselves in a position where we encounter fewer and fewer new people, and subsequently, our learning opportunities become increasingly limited and things can feel like they have plateaued.

By returning to study, you can meet people in a similar position to you, as well as teachers with years of experience working in the field. When everyone shares their knowledge and experience, everyone learns, everyone benefits, and everyone can push themselves to be better.


After working for almost ten years, Joshua knew he had to look further to realise his full potential. Not having attended school for some time, Joshua eventually felt the pull of formailsed study.

“After having more life experience, I felt a craving for knowledge, and TAFE NSW really came through for me,” says Joshua.

By returning to study, Joshua not only furthered his pursuit to better his professional self, but also reignited his love of learning and design.

“I had asked friends and family that work in design about the best places to study and Design Centre Enmore was mentioned every time.”

Established in 1994 in the inner suburbs of Sydney, the award-winning TAFE NSW Design Centre Enmore (DCE) is one of Australia’s leading design schools.

“Each and every teacher at Design Centre Enmore was a wealth of knowledge,” Joshua says. “They all had an excitement about what you were putting forward and a great interest in how to make it the best it can be. Being able to have so much face time with your educators makes a world of difference and provides so much extra depth and knowledge to your education.“


It wasn’t just the course instructors at DCE that made Joshua’s educational experience a rewarding one; Joshua’s classmates also helped make his study memorable. 

“The biggest advantage has been smaller cohorts that led to closer relationships with your peers and teachers.

“I think having a closer cohort resulted in each of us continuing to push each other's boundaries. When one person picked up on something new it would be shared to the collective class which made us all stronger, more ambitious designers.

“I think in an industry such as this it's always good to know that collaboration leads to much greater things than just trying to go it alone. “

Striving to achieve even greater things within the design industry, Joshua has made the decision to continue his study and is looking forward to the challenges ahead.

“I have decided I can't get enough of Design Centre Enmore, so I have enrolled to do one last year and complete a Bachelor of Design in Interior Design.”

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