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Success for TAFE NSW at International Students Awards

Two of our South American students proudly fly the flag for themselves, and for TAFE NSW.

Success for TAFE NSW at International Students Awards

Gustavo Martins of Brazil and Daniel Carpentier of Chile have done themselves – and TAFE NSW – proud at the 2019 International Students Awards, with both winning the coveted ‘Student of the Year’ awards in their respective categories.

Working for a sustainable future

Gustavo won his award in the Vocational Education and Training category for his dedication to his sustainable farming practices, environmental protection and permaculture studies.

During his course, Gustavo positively impacted the lives of two local Albury farmers he was working with. He also played an important role in creating a Participatory Guarantee Scheme for small-scale permaculture and organic farmers, providing a way for them to be certified locally as organic while helping them develop resilient farms.

Gustavo is currently researching a perennial agroforestry system which can overcome the impact of Our proud winnersdroughts on our regional communities.

Learning English to help the community

For his part, Daniel won the 2019 NSW International Student of the Year - ELICOS (English Language Intensive Courses for Overseas Students) award for his achievements in his course, as well as his dedication to helping others in the community.

Daniel was the founder an advertising agency in Santiago, Chile, when he decided to come to Australia in pursuit of a more meaningful career. After enrolling at TAFE NSW Wollongong, Daniel not only proved himself an adept student, but also someone with a keen community awareness.

While working on his Advanced English Language program, Daniel offered his services to three NSW organisations, all of which supported the personal development of others in the community. He is actively involved as a volunteer in the regional Youth Frontiers Mentoring program, as well as being a soccer coach for a local Junior Soccer Club.

Dedication, perseverance and integrity

Both Gustavo and Daniel display the dedication, perseverance and integrity that abounds in international students. Deputy NSW Premier and Minister for Industry and Trade John Barilaro, is only too aware of the impact that international students have on NSW.

“International students mean so much …, not only to our economy,” said Mr Barilaro. “More importantly they are helping us build stronger communities by volunteering, enriching our cultural capital, enhancing our workforce’s global competitiveness, and fostering international research collaborations that drive innovation.”

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